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Hey Mishka Hosting the Bloomingdale’s SoHo 10 Year Anniversary DIY Event!

April 23, 2014

So excited to announce that I’ll be hosting the Bloomingdale’s SoHo 10 Year Anniversary celebration’s DIY event. Ready, Fête, SOHO! On April 25th from 3 – 6PM, you can shop the BOU-TEE-QUE collection of tees, and with each purchase you’ll receive a complimentary tee to be customized by myself and DIY expert Sarah Caye, who also happens to be one of my besties. Come by for some cocktails, shopping, and DIY fun!

We hosted a similar event two years ago and it was a crazy success. We almost couldn’t keep up with the DIY madness, but everyone want home pleased as pie with our studded FNO shirts. You won’t wanna miss this one.

bloomingdales diy event


BOU-TEE-QUE DIY Party: April 25th, 3PM – 6PM at Bloomingdale’s SoHo: 504 Broadway, New York, NY 10012.

See you there!

P.S. I’ll be dropping by Caravan Stylist Studio to get pretty and polished before the event, and I can’t wait to share the results with you!

Hey Mishka’s Workout Mix!

April 21, 2014

I couldn’t be more pleased to report that in 2014, I’ve been living up to one of my most crucial resolutions: to stay active and break a sweat. Let me explain:

One of my favorite summers ever was in 2007. I was young, spirited, in the midst of Fashion School, madly in love, and super fit. I spent weekdays in the Hudson Valley playing in the sun, clocking hours at the gym at night. I spent weekends in the city partying with friends, terrorizing Coney Island, the East Village, and any electro party we could find. I put all of my favorite music from those parties on my mp3 player and brought them to the gym, which kept me running on that treadmill like a track star (out of excitement for the weekend, natch).

Can you guess which of these activities made me feel so alive? While at the time I thought it was the cinematic, sequined social frivolity, star-crossed love story and vitamin D (a.k.a. awesome tan), it was actually the record amount of time I spent working out and staying fit.


Image via Ida Gets Fit


How do I know this? Life always takes a turn for the worse when you stop being active. Lack of energy, poor digestion, groggy mood, general blah-ness takes over when you don’t get your blood pumping once in a while. That’s a fact.

Every year since that golden summer, I’ve written “go back to the gym!” in bold red letters across my resolution list, just like everyone else. Finally, this year, it was no longer a cliche resolution, but a call to action.

So far, so good! I feel amazing (though very much in-progress), and I want to share some of the music I have on my own very multicultural workout playlist.


Hey Mishka’s Workout Mix!

Read more…

DIY! Flower Embellished Frames for Spring

April 18, 2014

When the New York City sky drops a hail storm on you in April, it’s time to call upon the spring gods of DIY. Yes, they exist. Spring is a feeling, you see, and when you create springy things, you manifest springy-ness! Another explanation is, fun DIY projects keep you busy while you wait for the weather to get a clue… Either way, it’s DIY time.

Earlier this month the festival madness, paired with some super cute glasses I saw on Nasty Gal, inspired me to whip up a pair of flower embellished frames. They are officially all the rage, but not a justifiable purchase.

I ordered up some pastel floral cabachons and whipped out my tacky glue. The result? My favorite new accessory! Instructions below.

blue hair flower frame glasses floral spring diy (1)

blue hair flower frame glasses floral spring diy (1)

DIY! Flower Embellished Frames for Spring

spring floral flower frame glasses diy

You’ll need…

 A pair of frames (lenses can be clear or shaded, depending on the look you want and how functional you want these to be).

 Tacky glue (my favorite is Fabri-Tac—it’s similar in drying time and texture to hot glue, except not hot).

 Floral cabachons, or charms with flat backs. I got mine super fast from this amazing Etsy shop: Whimsy and Pop

spring floral flower frame glasses diy

 Step 1

Kind of a pre-step, but important. When selecting your glasses, be sure you actually like the way they fit on your face. It’s easy to grab cheap frames and glue stuff on them, but if you want to enjoy them, try a bunch on until you find a pair you adore.

spring floral flower frame glasses diy

 Step 2

Hold your frames carefully in one hand while squeezing the tacky glue onto the frame, careful not to spill it over on the lens. Do this in small sections, because the glue dries quickly.


 Step 3

Firmly press your floral cabachons down over the glue. They should stick right away as the glue begins to turn to a rubbery texture. If you can still move them around a lot, add more glue and try again.

spring floral flower frame glasses diy

 Step 4

Repeat all the way around one side, and let dry. Yes, I know you’re excited, but you have a high chance of ruining your frames if you don’t wait! You’ll probably have to handle the DIY’d side at some point while finishing the second side.

spring floral flower frame glasses diy


spring floral flower frame glasses diy

 Step 5

Repeat the process on the second side, and let dry thoroughly (I recommend overnight, but you can wear them in a couple of hours if you absolutely must show them off like, tonight). You can fold the frames and lay them down if you see any of the cabachons sliding downward during the drying process.

spring floral flower frame glasses diy

 Step 6

Take those babies for a stroll! Here, Becca shows us just how adorable these frames can be. Is she a cartoon princess or what?!

blue hair flower frame glasses floral spring diy (1)

blue hair flower frame glasses floral spring diy (1)

blue hair flower frame glasses floral spring diy (1)

Now it’s back to the creative lab for some green tea and crafty experimenting. Exciting announcements and more DIY on the way…

Have an amazing weekend!

P.S. Special thanks to Becca and Erin for contributing their time and creative energy to this post—they are two of my favorite ladies ever!

Lululand’s Tabletop Mandalas

April 17, 2014

Setting the table with eclectic vintage glassware amps up the appeal of any sit-down occasion, and while I usually cruise Pinterest for inspiration before such an affair, I think I’ve found at least a year’s worth of inspiration in Lula Aldunate’s tabletop mandala series.

Lula Aldunate, aka Lulaland, is the artist behind this beautiful series of mandalas, arranged with coasters, plates, and small bowls on vibrant printed fabrics. Her photo styling skills are out of control, but you might also draw a deeper meaning from this project. Everyday objects like the table settings we sit in front of, when viewed just so, can reflect the spiritual realm of the universe, much like a mandala.

It just goes to show that when you really look for magic, you will find it.






tabletop mandala

See the full series at Honestly WTF.


I love when common things become stunning art, simply with some smart arranging and a chance in perspective. If these were from an Etsy shop, imagine how wildly popular they would be!

Now that vintage china has found its footing in the spiritual and sentimental realm (I jest, kind of!), I’ll be sure to view it in a different light next time I’m scouring the shelves of Junk

Spring Florals & Boho Chain Fringe

April 14, 2014

There’s nothing like statement jewelry to spice up your seasonal wardrobe. As a rule, I work at least one item that draws the eye into my look on a daily basis… and yes, sometimes more than one. Dressing festively with textures, prints, and colors is one of the ways I make my daily life more fun, and a recent favorite piece in my repertoire is a one of a kind chain fringe buckle necklace from Charlotte Reichman of Norbu Designs.

spring floral print boho festival style gold necklace

spring floral print boho festival style gold necklace

Norbu Designs handcrafts each of their statement pieces with antiques and precious materials, including Tahitian pearls and Swarovsky crystals. While the piece I selected isn’t dripping in sparkle, it is dripping in gorgeous gold chain fringe. I paired it with my sheer floral cardigan and my D-ID jeans this past weekend.

Various styles range from $30-$300, so there is something on the menu for every budget. If you’re thinking of investing in some epic jewelry this month to reflect your personal style, I’d recommend checking out this super creative, independent brand before you hit the boutiques and shop major labels.

spring floral print boho festival style gold necklace

spring floral print boho festival style gold necklace

spring floral print boho festival style gold necklace

I’m so happy to report that this week we have transitioned into bare leg weather (FINALLY) and there is no turning back. Until next fall, anyway.

Happy Monday!

Wood Faeries & Pink Champagne

April 9, 2014

Spring is still playing hide-and-seek in New York, but New Yorkers aren’t good at waiting, so spring living is in full swing! Plans to picnic have given way to ventures into the woods, and though there’s not a whole lot of green in sight, being outdoors is still a perfect way to pass the afternoon. Floral dresses, fringe kimono jackets, and little touches of nature are alive and well in my wardrobe, and one recent favorite piece to don is my Koa wood ring by Altin Place.

I wore the koa wood ring while picnicking in the woods this past weekend with my sister-in-law Becca, an amazing jewelry designer and artist (who happens to have the most amazing aqua hair). We packed up some vintage glasses and a bottle of pink champagne with some colorful fabric to sit on, and headed into the woods near my parent’s house in the Hudson Valley. We found the perfect spot alongside an in-progress tree house.

spring picnic floral prints wood ring jewelry

spring picnic floral prints wood ring jewelry

spring picnic floral prints wood ring jewelry


spring picnic floral prints wood ring jewelry

What’s special about the Koa wood ring? Ancient Hawaiians used Koa wood to build canoes, spears and paddles, so it’s not only durable, but it has a gorgeous hue and grain. Mine goes perfectly with whatever I’m wearing, but I especially love to pair it with floral prints.

spring picnic floral prints wood ring jewelry


spring picnic floral prints wood ring jewelry

spring picnic floral prints wood ring jewelry

Aside from reminding myself how much I love drinking pink champagne with like-minded, amazing friends I also realized something: even dressing up like the weather is perfect brings that sunny spring feeling to your day. Highly recommended!

And who knows, maybe we’ll come back and finish that tree house in the summer…


Rangeen ~ Freida Pinto for Free People

April 8, 2014

Freida Pinto traveled to Rajasthan, India to shoot the Free People‘s latest catalogue where her character preps for a friend’s wedding and celebrates Holi—the amazing spring holiday where everyone flings colored powder at one another until entire cities are matted in brilliant hues. In the romantic, narrative video, there is a discussion of whether or not “love” is just an illusion, ironically on a backdrop so beautiful that it practically is love manifested into physical space.

Email subscribers, click here to see the video.















From Free People:

“When it comes to love, there are always barriers that try to stand in our way.They may be large, they may be small… but it’s never easy. One of the most magical feelings is when you lock eyes with someone, and in that moment a connection is formed. The challenge comes when you need to fight for that connection — whether it is something external or internal that you are battling.

Our latest short film depicts this connection between two souls, played by Freida Pinto and Thomas Bull. As they find themselves amidst an explosion of color during Holi, the rain begins to come down, washing away any doubts, fears, or uncertainties. Lose yourself in the magic of our latest short film, Rangeen.”


Free People continues to release video lookbooks that tell more in depth stories about human emotion—a refreshing departure from the classic “fashion film”, if you ask me.

What do you think?


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