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Bacteria, Jewels, & Light-Wash Denim

June 28, 2011

It’s been hard to blog lately because a) I have 3 jobs on top of my self-imposed creative missions, and b) I’ve had this lingering sickness for about 2 months that was very confusing and vague and ultimately expounded my anxiety to the point where I felt like I was losing my mind. Finally after my wallet bled dry to the urgent care center (no insurance), my doctor called tonight after I’d just left work feeling like my throat was closing. Turns out I have a rare bacterial infection in my throat. So finally, I’ve been diagnosed and given 10-day meds and am not to go to work (or anywhere else) until it’s gone.

Maybe in the midst of house-arrest I will also get some blogging in so I can document this otherwise beautiful Greenpoint summer. In the mean time, here are some denim/vintage jewelry shots I am fond of. This pin is now affixed to my light-wash vintage denim jacket that I bought as scrap denim on Etsy and ended up falling in love with.

From my post at Denim Therapy, Daily Denim Tip: Try Light-Wash Denim & Vintage Jewelry.

Life updates on the way… Going to watch My Perestroika on Channel 13 at 10:00PM EST.

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