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Craftgawker Debut, Goran Bregovic At Carnegie Hall, & DIY Halloween Ideas ☠

October 22, 2011

Thrilled tonight, because earlier I saw one of my DIY craft posts on Craftgawker (a site I check on far more than facebook these days). It’s a tutorial on how to create your own super glamorous undead bohemian skeleton-creature, starting with the base of a boring old store-bought skeleton creature.  Here it is nestled next to the floral paper chain and cute sleeping mask.

halloween diy craftgawker

Isn’t she beautiful?

halloween diy zombie bohemian party decoration

In other news, I saw Goran Bregovic (the one and only) from front row at Carnegie Hall two nights ago and it was literally one of the coolest nights of my life, hearing all of that music (origin controversy aside) performed live. It also had something to do with the entire hall jumping up out of their seats, dancing like a bunch of crazed lunatics, throwing flowers and clapping along manically. Never thought I would see such infectiously festive behavior in Carnegie Hall!

carnegie hall goran bregovic

carnegie hall goran bregovic

carnegie hall goran bregovic

After the concert we piled on party buses and went to Mehanata. It was manic and drunken and trans-global. As well it should have been.

mehanata party bus carnegie hall goran bregovic

I wore a kimono robe, tied up in the back (so it didn’t touch the ground). Lately I am wearing things like long robes and sheer floor length neon dresses.

mehanata party bus carnegie hall goran bregovic

mehanata party bus carnegie hall goran bregovic

mehanata party bus carnegie hall goran bregovic

What? You’ve never been to Mehanata? If you live within a two hour drive of NYC, you have no excuse. In fact, if you need something to do on Halloween, it is guaranteed to be more fun than 90% of the other crap going on in the city.

Speaking of Halloween…

I purchased my costume fabric in a heated power walk through the garment district last week. I am doing my yearly “better than last year” historically negligent interpretation of Scheherazade. The magic will begin this Sunday, at my newly instated semi-weekly sewing circle.

halloween costume fabric

And I’ve been letting my mind run during the day whilst stumbling across exciting Halloween links, like the ones below.

- Halloween costumes, recipes, and parties for grown-ups

- Stellar ways to deck out your pumpkins this year

- Pretty Halloween costume masks for lazy ladies

- DIY Halloween manicures—bloody fingertips and more!

- DIY costume idea… the L Train to Bedford Ave (ha)

- Halloween costume ideas for denim addicts

- Sugar Skulls sugar cubes, for morbid morning coffee

- Plenty of festive ways to celebrate fall

That’s all for now… stay tuned for my smoothie recipe, which Raffa and I upgraded + perfected yesterday.

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