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6 things I’m obsessed with right now

February 7, 2012

It’s Monday night, soon to be Tuesday and I’m eating peppermint candies, drinking apple chai tea, and going through a list of things I “urgently needed to blog about” last week. If only I had an entire editorial team for my personal blog and I could just send them links and guidelines. Alas, this is where list & link posts come in handy.

Here are 6 things I’m obsessed with right now:

MIA bad girls indian wedding jewelry

1. MIA’s new video, “Bad Girls”.

And seriously, “journalists”? Is it necessary to have thousands of write-up’s on news websites about MIA’s middle finger during the super bowl half-time show, complete with a quirky recount of “infamous middle fingers and misbehaving celebs”? Isn’t there some other urgent thing going on in the world to write about?

Anyway, let’s just watch her video. Controversy over her authenticity aside, she has style like no one else.

2. Nasty Gal‘s fruity sorbet palette of newly added styles for spring. I’ve never really been so emotionally attached and addicted to a retail site before, from their lookbooks to their product styling to their social media updates. ♡

Left to right: Tulip Bandage Skirt; Spring Fever Dress; Working Girl Shorts

3. Kimberly Snyder‘s health & food blog. Get addicted to this. Because of her, I am doing the daily green smoothie thing again (feels so amazing, immediate difference in energy levels and mood) and making a lot of changes in my diet that didn’t occur to me before.


4. Antique colored glass decanter sets that I won’t let myself buy. The one below is Romanian. It’s yours for $165 (or give it to me for Valentine’s day). I also love this one and this one.


5. Julietta of Maffashion, my favorite blogger of the moment. How pretty is this girl? I love how original her content is, not 5-10 photos of the same outfit with a slightly varied post over and over. Refreshing & beautiful.

maffashion julietta k

6. Edge Of Urge‘s latest campaign, featuring these bodacious (I said it) Jeffrey Campbell Pamela‘s and this purple pleated skirt.


Other exciting links for your Monday night/Tuesday morning:

clear blue arrow You can turn a canning jar into a superior travel mug, or you can buy one for $8.

clear blue arrow An inspiring few paragraphs to read if you’re looking to change your life right now.

clear blue arrow Old polaroids of the models we know and love, before we knew or loved them.

clear blue arrow 6 tips to get your blog traffic up in 2012.

clear blue arrow Gonna be up late blogging during NYFW? Me too. If you work better with a hot latte and indie music, check out this list of Brooklyn’s best late night coffee shops that double as internet cafes.

clear blue arrow Pastels in the winter? Yes, on your nails.

clear blue arrow Kate Bellm, a 24-year-old photog living in Berlin, has a very cool apartment, in which she seems to have constructed multiple tipis. Room decor inspiration for sure.

clear blue arrow Vanilla Vodka Chai = what you and your date (lover/best friend/etc) should be sipping on Valentine’s day.

See you tomorrow!

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. Loretta Nguyen permalink
    February 7, 2012 6:07 AM

    i need that headpiece and those blue heels in my life!

    Loretta xx

    • Mishka permalink*
      February 10, 2012 1:30 PM

      Yes, a pair of killer blue heels are a no-fail, all year essential!

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