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Fashion & Festivity: 10 Blogs That Will Increase Both In Your Life

May 2, 2012

Maybe it goes without saying at this point that “fashion & festivity” is what I preach. My sermon notes (AKA this blog) are a work in progress, as are my attempts to share how best to achieve this heightened sensory state of daily life.

purple feather If you haven’t already, read this: What exactly is festivity?

This is an ongoing real-time experiment, which is in its own way completely amazing and awe-inspiring to engage in. But I don’t want you to wait for answers while I’m running festivity field tests.

I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite blogs (5 for festivity and 5 for fashion, with some overlapping) that will provide you some festivity soul food and style inspiration.

LF Stores lookbook November 2011 sombrero

purple feather 5 Blogs For Festivity

1. Oh Happy Day!

This blog has taken over the top spot in our list for being a non-stop web party. You can find themed event ideas and inspiration that is supremely whimsical, minimal, and fun. This is truly the modern girl’s guide to keep a festive home and throwing killer events. DIY projects and recipes are also overflowing, so prepare to bookmark. Oh Happy Day will help you celebrate life.

2. Gala Darling

Gala was one of the first “style” blogs to creep over into lifestyle blog territory, essential becoming the first independent lifestyle blog for a new generation of internet addicted young female consumers desperate to experience self-appreciation and celebrate the little things in life. I think her ideas are valid and her personality is stellar. I don’t always feel her aesthetics, but my idea of living festively is parallel in its own way to her cupcake glitter fests and self-love tangents.

3. {frolic!}

Have you ever had a vision of waking up in your glass-walled bedroom with a view, stretching and sipping some hot tea, then prancing barefoot in just your sheer nightgown into the garden to pick flowers and twirl around for a few hours before the rest of the world begins their day? Me too. This blog was made for us.

4. Sugar & Cloth

Here’s a DIY blog with an emphasis on color, simplicity, and celebrating life through good design. Frequent projects include items to decorate the home or throw a party with. Pastries with edible glitter and inspiring ways to re-purpose old materials are also found in the digital pages of this veritable grown-up-girl playground. Go fall in love.

5. Every Day Is A Holiday

I debated listing this one  because aesthetically, it’s not exactly where I am right now (it used to be!). But the title “every day is a holiday” and Jenny’s festive take on life are definitely in tune with the song I am trying to sing here. Celebrating daily, not just holidays—and not just with pastries and decor, but with color, joy, enthusiasm, and a great hair style—is key to living festively. Have at it.

purple feather 5 Blogs For (Festive) Fashion

1. The Glamourai.

Kelly Framel never ceases to amaze me with her distinguished, colorful, vibrant sense of style. She works textures and prints and shapes into outfits that are both versatile and inspiring. I’ll risk saying she is one of the only bloggers who achieve a bold, unique style without looking like they’re wearing a “blogger costume”.

2. Spell & The Gypsy Collective.

Non-stop bohemian bliss. They’re a jewelry company who blog their inspiration and their incredible tropical Australian lifestyle, which often elicits enough envy to distract me from a full days work as I browse for plane tickets. A visual vacation if ever one existed on the internet.

** Note: This is the title of their blog and I take no responsibility for their use of the word Gypsy in the title. Some find it offensive, politically incorrect, and even racist.

3. Late Afternoon.

Liz of Late Afternoon captures a chic, uber-feminine image while employing lots of color, print, texture, and sweet details. Her photos are gorgeous and her outfits are refreshingly creative. This is a great example of a blog that exemplifies “festive fashion” without going the boho route.

4. Oracle Fox.

Here’s a West Coast take on bohemian festive fashion (does that go without saying?), with irresistible multi-cultural, rich sand-glam elements in place. You’ll find flowers, leather jackets, ball gowns, and dream catchers coexisting peacefully from scroll to scroll. My personal opinion is that this blog used to be a bit more free spirited, and has scooted over into too-cool-for-school territory, but I’m still obsessed.


Julietta is a Polish fashion blogger who’s straight up stunner beauty could win her followers for wearing the same t-shirt every day. Thankfully she also has an eccentric, amazing eye for styling and is constantly orchestrating and contributing to fashion shoots and sharing her tastes with the world. She also doesn’t take herself too seriously, and responded to a vicious blog comment by printing t-shirts of it and wearing them for a blog photo shoot. You’ll love her.



If you have some others to share, drop them in the comments! I will definitely check them out. And stay tuned, because my aforementioned field notes are shaping up nicely…

Top image via LF.

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  1. May 2, 2012 11:05 PM

    You offered some great suggestions!

    • May 3, 2012 5:25 AM

      Glad you think so! Always open to hearing new ones too. xo

  2. October 1, 2012 4:02 PM

    Ohhh Mishka! You wonderful sweet girl! My gosh…I am just beeeyond honored to be included in this incredible line up of inspiring souls. Truly. Thank you so very much, it means more than you know.
    Love from the nj shore,
    xo Jenny

    • October 3, 2012 4:05 PM

      Thanks so much for the comment Jenny, I’ve been a fan of your site and your products for a long time and I’m so happy you stopped by! xx


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