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Cartoon Break! The Greatest Man In Siam

July 17, 2012

Confession: I’m a sucker for politically incorrect candy-land-esque adaptations of “Ethnic” regions in early American cartoons. They’re always hyper colorful, overly decorated, and in their own way, artistically endearing.

One of my favorites is The Greatest Man In Siam, in which the King of Siam holds a contest to give his daughter away to whatever local idiot impresses him the most. His daughter obviously has no say—she just dancers around in harem pants. All men are animated like ugly animals, and the women like dreamy pastries. 100% slapstick ridiculous.

Take a break from any serious thing you might be doing at the minute and watch this:

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 Disclaimer: I do not condone the misrepresentation of any culture in silly old cartoons… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to watch on youtube. ;}

Hope you enjoyed this little cartoon interlude!

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