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Postcards from the pink room

September 18, 2014

Hey lovelies. This unplanned hiatus of mine will be wrapping up soon, and I’ll come tumbling back into your lives, covered in grass stains and glitter.

For me, it was a wild summer, in both wonderful and terrible ways. I’ll catch you up on what’s been culminating in Mishka land—including exciting Bombay Mermaid news—super soon.

Here are some snaps from the nooks and crannies of my post-summer life:

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

I hope your summers were spectacular and eventful. And that you missed me. (Just kidding!)

For now, go listen to Banks. Her album, Goddess, is totally bananas. Moody and beautiful.

Jewels, drapes & pure magic

July 13, 2014

Once in a while an editorial comes out that reminds me why I love the creative universe of fashion. Damian Foxe styled this epic, luxe shoot featuring model Kate King draped in sari fabrics, traditional Indian wedding adornments, and designer statement jewels. Accents like the liquid-gold gladiator sandals and her shimmering face makeup create the feeling of a goddess roaming the earth. The colors and textures blow my mind…









See the full editorial here (note: two pages).

Summer Fashion Smash DIY Event

June 21, 2014

Happy first day of summer! I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to talk about all the fun summery, stylish stuff going on. Sarah and I did another great DIY event with Bloomingdale’s SoHo last week, slashing and appliqueing tanks for customers who purchased something from the 3rd floor Bou-Tee-que collection.

We cut up vintage tees in jewel tones and tacked down geometric shapes with neon thread. Sarah wrapped braided strips of t-shirt with metal wire and used it to decorate the tanks. A few of our customers had ideas to try too. As always, it was a blast.

1406SFI_invite41 copy

hey mishka diy bloomingdales soho michelle christina

hey mishka diy bloomingdales soho

diy bloomingdales soho


hey mishka diy bloomingdales soho michelle christina




A quick video I made from the footage Raffa shot:


Stay tuned for our next event…

Also, happy World Cup! Which team are you rooting for?

Hey Mishka Loves… ♥ Link Round-Up

June 10, 2014

Welcome to Hey Mishka Loves…—the semi-weekly link round-up of stylish, festive content from my favorite blogs and morning reads. Today I’m obsessing over infused lemonade, reviewing the dress code for a job interview in the fashion industry, reaffirming resolutions for a festive, creative summer, and more. Enjoy!

summer lemonade lauren conrad

Image via Lauren Conrad

 Time for a refresh! Lauren Conrad has two must-try recipes for infused summer lemonade (pictured above).


 Applying for a job in fashion? I love this article from Fashionista that goes beyond speculation and features industry insiders with advice on what you should wear.


 No lie, one of my favorite things about the Sailor Moon cartoon is the pastel technicolor scenery, so thank goodness there is an entire tumblr dedicated to that. Thanks, internet!


 A gorgeous tribal-inspired bohemian photoshoot from Vogue Australia to inspire some colorful, textured style this summer.


 Gala says Sunday should be fun day! Are you dangerously close to burning out? It’s hard to balance wellness when we’re constantly being told work is king, but this is a great reminder that sometimes, girls just need to have fun.


 Forget about losing your luggage while traveling—soon we’ll just be emailing our luggage to 3D printers around the world and picking up our freshly pressed wardrobe upon arrival! Mind: blown.


 Last year I wrote up this list of resolutions for a creative summer, and guess what! They’re just as relevant this year.


 Spend some time reassessing yourself as we roll into this next season. Are you living authentically? Click through for some simple activities you can do to get back in touch with number one.


 Finally, my jam from summer 2007. Let’s dance!


Happy Tuesday!

Follow Hey Mishka on Instagram!

June 9, 2014

Hey insta-addicts! Hey Mishka is on instagram and I’m posting up all my favorite snaps from weekend trips to the beach, lazy sundays in the park, shopping trips, books I’m reading, and all of that good behind-the-scenes stuff. See you there.

instagram fashion style diy


Gems of Wisdom from Arianna Huffington

June 9, 2014

In early spring I had the supreme enjoyment of meeting Arianna Huffington upon the release of her book, Thrive. She gave a talk at one of my favorite stores in the world, ABC Carpet & Home. The space was heavenly, as you’ll see below (ABC is one of my favorite places on earth), but the realizations I had while listening to Arianna talk about her personal experience with burnout were enough to momentarily blind me to the epic beauty of my surroundings.

Her book opens with the sentence, “…I was lying on the floor of my office in a pool of blood. On my way down, my head had hit the corner of my desk, cutting my eye and breaking my cheekbone. I had collapsed from exhaustion and lack of sleep.”

arianna huffington book signing thrive ABC home

Arianna’s book outlines the ways in which we are, as a go-getter rat race culture, completely destroying ourselves and our chances at looking back on truly fulfilled lives. More immediately, as we careen forward without self-care, proper rest, or reflection, we’re also detrimental to our own decision making and health.

These are things you’ll hear all the time, but not give much thought to, because we all have deadlines and somewhere to be—but this book has begun to change my view on the frantic lifestyle of worshiping to-do lists, checking email in between breaths, and putting basic human needs off in favor of having one additional thing done before I collapse in bed at the end of the day.

arianna huffington book signing thrive ABC home

While I recommend you get the book yourself and spend an entire weekend plowing through it, I’d also like to leave you with a few concise gems of wisdom that I scribbled in my copy of Thrive while Arianna was speaking to us that evening. They don’t require explanation. Just sit with them for a minute, and copy down the ones that speak to you. I’ve even put a few up on my wall in the form of post-it reminders.


“Life is incredibly mysterious and cannot be contained in a to-do list. We might as well accept that mystery.”

Burnout is the disease of our civilization. Burnout does not equal success. We must redefine it.”

“The goal is not to be on top of the world. It is to change the world.”

Multi-tasking is the enemy of wonder, giving is the shortcut to happiness”.

“Your eulogy won’t be a reading of your linkedin profile.”

“We don’t pay people for their stamina, we pay them for their judgement.”

“You cannot be sustainably compassionate to others if you cannot be compassionate to yourself.”


Isn’t she brilliant? There are so many more, but they’ll live in the inside cover of my book for future reflection. Here are some snaps from the event:

arianna huffington book signing thrive ABC home

arianna huffington book signing thrive ABC home

arianna huffington book signing thrive ABC home



arianna huffington book signing thrive ABC home

arianna huffington book signing thrive ABC home

arianna huffington book signing thrive ABC home

You can use the hashtag #HowIThrive to share your thoughts on thriving and your own personal “recipes for life,” as Arianna would say. ;}

Take a Quick Trip to the Tropics

June 4, 2014

Getting stir crazy in NYC as the weather takes a turn for ultra-warm. All I can think about are palm trees, tan lines, and waltzing around in the sand. Therefor, any editorial that flashes across my screen with glorious neons, tropical prints, and clothes that were made for jet setting, has me by the eyeballs. This Fashion Gone Rogue exclusive featuring Angela Ruiz by David Benoliel is the perfect example.




See more pop color tropical print goodness below…

Read more…


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