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A Boho-Chic Fall Wishlist

October 19, 2014

It’s officially not going to exceed 70 degrees here in New York until next spring… which means it’s time to switch into full time fall fashion mode.

Boho-chic, hands down my favorite aesthetic, translates so well into fall that it’s hard not to go overkill when stocking up on frocks and accessories. I adore the earth tones and rich colors, metallics, beautifully draped outerwear pieces… All the essentials of a fearless, globe trotting, hopeless romantic with incredible taste. I could go on forever. Instead, I whipped up a gooorgeous wishlist.


1. Gypsy 05 Ada Cross Body Bag

2. Cleobella Dashiell Frock

3. Spell Design Thunderstruck Crystal Cuff in Brass

4. H&M Satin Drawstring Pants

5. H&M Draped Jacket in Black

6. Bobbi Brown Sand Eye Palette

7. Natalie B Jewerly Fit for a Queen Bronze Collar

8. Anthropologie Ariana Bohling Lola Booties


I’ve got some major closet cleaning on my calendar (right after my runway show next weekend!), so my favorite fall finds will arrive in the mail just in time to replace the outdated styles I’m cycling out and sending off to goodwill.

Stay cute.

Costume Party!

October 17, 2014

Alright, it’s time. Let’s talk Halloween costumes.

But first, it’s my birthday! Today I’ll venture into Brooklyn and let the universe guide me to a trendy boutique full of sundries and stationary, where I’ll pick out a new notebook to start scribbling my musings and genius ideas in. The first page will be a list of resolutions for my new year. One of them will be to stop making lists. They just don’t work out for me. So, that list will be my last list. I swear.

From there I’ll careen over to Fuego 718, AKA shop of Libra dreams, and secure myself some Dia de los Muertos bling. Or, just absorb the beautiful chaos that is traditional Mexican art fused with artisanal handmade jewelry and bohemian whatnot. The rest of the day will be consumed by model fittings for the Sisters on the Runway fashion show, where I’m showing my second runway collection for Bombay Mermaid.

Anyway, what are you going to be for Halloween? I think I’ll forgo my usual Scheherazade-on-ayahuasca costume and dream up something new. Below are some links to get you inspired in case you’re tired of your usual bag’o’tricks for All Hallow’s Eve as well.

Here’s my Dia de los Muertos face paint from last year (a yearly ritual that comes after Scheherazade-on-ayahuasca). Fun fact: the party I was going to got canceled that night, so I sat around drinking tea with this face!



Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

  Here’s a collection of 80s-inspired costumes… but before you roll your eyes, spoiler alert: Bob Ross is one of them. So is Salt-N-Pepa, Yeeeah.


 Crazy, creepy makeup ideas to try. I’m sort of obsessed with #9. Also see: Rookie Mag’s roundup of ideas to make you look “edible, adorable, dangerous, or just plain dead.”


 A statement crown can be as good as a full costume, as is the case with this snow queen crown tutorial. Not enough? Add a fishtail and become a mermaid queen.


 With seemingly endless resources, you’d think celebrities would have the best costumes, right? True and false. Here’s a throwback review of some A-list costumes… and also, this. Famous New Yorkers, represent. Runway models should probably always dress like Sailor Moon characters.


 Play-on-word costumes are something I don’t completely understand for the spookiest night of the year, but then again, I just got excited about dressing up as Bob Ross in the first link. This lineup is hit and miss, but there are a few gems.


 My favorite standby: Bollywood superstar. You’re welcome.


 Feeling really lazy this year? Grab this dress, scroll through this tutorial on post-production Halloween effects, and call it a night.

Haaaappy costume idea hunting! And look, I drew some magical pumpkins for you.

October Inspiration

October 15, 2014

 October is one of the richest months of the year, especially for those who reside in the North East. In terms of fashion, natural landscape, creative energy and sentimentality, it takes the seasonal cake. While September is basically a post-summer hangover, October opens up a brand new season, prompting the revival of pumpkin spice addictions, fall boots (come on, they’re the best), cozy knitwear and rainy, hazy mornings.

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new season is visualize what I see for myself: how I’ll spend my time, what I’ll wear, and what experiences I’m looking forward to, no matter how abstract. Manifesting all of that into a collage can send a message to the universe that you’re ready to sink your teeth into these desires, and make them a reality. That said, I give you my October moon board.


October love: soy candles  coin fringe necklaces  stacked rings  wide brimmed hats  cozy ponchos  hot coffee  creative sketching sessions  quality time with the girls  boho textiles  colorful leaf collecting  relentless daydreaming  oversized flannel

Stay inspired.

P.S. Check out one of my recent boho-tastic DIY projects from this morning!

Hey Mishka Loves… ♥

October 14, 2014

Welcome to Hey Mishka Loves…—the semi-weekly link round-up of stylish, festive content from my favorite blogs and morning reads. It’s been a few Tuesdays, but I’m back, and you’d better believe I have a few gems to share!

The focus today is staying positive and creative despite the lemons life may chuck at your head (and the lemons you put in your own mouth and later regret). As I explained a bit on the Bombay Mermaid blog today, I’m having a pretty emotionally abstract fall. During the process of sorting out my life and reassessing my “north”, I’ve found that creativity and positive energy are two must-haves for survival and sanity. It’s easy to forget how valuable these elements are in the grand scheme of existence.

For instance, during my hiatus, I thought I needed a break from this blog in order to sort myself out. However, for the past few weeks I’ve deeply missed sharing here, and I knew I would feel like myself again after diving back into this little hot pink editorial playground on my little corner of the internet. Just writing this post, I feel worlds better.

Enjoy the following links, and may your October be bursting with good vibes and gorgeous color palettes.


Image via Fashion Gone Rogue.

 If the image above makes you swoon, we’re on the same page. This is one of the most stunning editorials I’ve seen in forever, from the styling to the landscape. Want more eye candy? Check out this parade of gorgeousness, too.


 If you’re spending an ample amount of time alone lately, it can send your mind to unpleasant places, especially as the temperature drops and the rainy days of autumn arrive. This might be helpful.


 One mother wrote this list of things she wants her daughter to know, but all of us girls could stand to read (and memorize) them as well.


 Sometimes keeping your chin up is all about atmosphere. Here are a few ways to create a delicious aroma in your apartment or bedroom. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference.


 Get inspired by the whimsical paintings of Lulie Wallace, featuring sprawling botanical still life and dreamy florals against playful wallpaper. Equally as charming are Barbara Dziadosz’s quirky screenprints.


 Engage in a little adventure today, without venturing too far from the safe haven of home (which can be crucial if you’re battling demons, or even a case of the rainy day blues).


 When you’re not totally sure where you’re headed, sometimes it helps to remember where you’ve been. You can glean a bit of insight as simply as reading your very first tweet. Do you remember where you were when you wrote it? How far have you come since then?


 In defense of DIY, a neuroscientist has proven that crafting is good for your brain, and your well being in general. Don’t hesitate to pick up that creative project you’ve abandoned on account of it being “silly” or inapplicable to “real world goals”.


 Longing for a change? You may be in need of a refresh in the wardrobe department. Removing clutter and reevaulating your style identity is something we should all check in with on the regular.


 Ready to be happy again? Here’s a list of happy-people-practices you may have seen before, but it’s worth a revisit.


 If you’re feeling stuck or anxious, sometimes all you can do is wait it out. One of my favorite phrases lately is, “the only way to get through it is to get through it.” But while you’re doing that, you can use something as simple as breath to ease the process.


That’s my round-up for now. I’ll see you guys soon.

Postcards from the pink room

September 18, 2014

Hey lovelies. This unplanned hiatus of mine will be wrapping up soon, and I’ll come tumbling back into your lives, covered in grass stains and glitter.

For me, it was a wild summer, in both wonderful and terrible ways. I’ll catch you up on what’s been culminating in Mishka land—including exciting Bombay Mermaid news—super soon.

Here are some snaps from the nooks and crannies of my post-summer life:

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

boho bedroom pink walls bohemian

I hope your summers were spectacular and eventful. And that you missed me. (Just kidding!)

For now, go listen to Banks. Her album, Goddess, is totally bananas. Moody and beautiful.

Jewels, drapes & pure magic

July 13, 2014

Once in a while an editorial comes out that reminds me why I love the creative universe of fashion. Damian Foxe styled this epic, luxe shoot featuring model Kate King draped in sari fabrics, traditional Indian wedding adornments, and designer statement jewels. Accents like the liquid-gold gladiator sandals and her shimmering face makeup create the feeling of a goddess roaming the earth. The colors and textures blow my mind…









See the full editorial here (note: two pages).

Summer Fashion Smash DIY Event

June 21, 2014

Happy first day of summer! I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had time to talk about all the fun summery, stylish stuff going on. Sarah and I did another great DIY event with Bloomingdale’s SoHo last week, slashing and appliqueing tanks for customers who purchased something from the 3rd floor Bou-Tee-que collection.

We cut up vintage tees in jewel tones and tacked down geometric shapes with neon thread. Sarah wrapped braided strips of t-shirt with metal wire and used it to decorate the tanks. A few of our customers had ideas to try too. As always, it was a blast.

1406SFI_invite41 copy

hey mishka diy bloomingdales soho michelle christina

hey mishka diy bloomingdales soho

diy bloomingdales soho


hey mishka diy bloomingdales soho michelle christina




A quick video I made from the footage Raffa shot:


Stay tuned for our next event…

Also, happy World Cup! Which team are you rooting for?


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