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We’ve No Shortage of Crises: Ways To Give Back & Support Our Neighbors

Privilege is buying a $50 mask from your favorite indie designer. Ordering champagne to take the edge off. Thinking about what art projects to do during quarantine. Stressing over things that aren’t life or death. All things I’ve done this past month. But just being grateful—or guilty—about one’s privilege isn’t enough when crisis erupts.

Here are some ways you can put your resources on the front line with the people we support. The links below are related to the racial inequality, coronavirus pandemic, and the environmental crises we’re all being impacted by in different ways. If you’re intimidated by monthly or recurring donations, sign up for $5-10. Giving a little bit over time makes a big difference.

Also: I’m far from an expert on the fight for equality and supporting marginalized communities. But I know that supporting others does not take away from our own well being — it actually empowers, heals, and strengthens us all. The only question is, why wouldn’t we?

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