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Pinkies Up! Q&A With Ariel Davis, Founder of The Brooklyn Teacup

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At the height of NYC’s quarantine in the spring, it was hard to keep my chin up. I was up until dawn one morning working on a variety of client work and creative projects—and, if I’m honest, some existential staring at the wall.

(See any of my recent vlogs for a taste of what quarantine was like…)

As the sun came up and rays of light splashed around the room, I took a look around my apartment. It was lacking something.

I’ve always leveraged beautiful objects, from functional add-ons to decorative accents, to infuse personality and festivity into a space. Being locked in the house had inspired me to declutter, redecorate, and add a few special touches… but at that moment, I saw a void.

And that void exactly the right size to fit a 3-tier stand in gorgeous mismatched blue and white china from The Brooklyn Teacup, a small business based right here in Brooklyn that converts sentimental (or just downright pretty) china into tiered treasures with versatile end uses. They also sell original creations. I found this elegantly elevated business on Instagram, where I find most things, and had been following their exciting growth and spying their storage room stacked with china.

Inspired by this beautiful brand and their upcycling mission, I reached out to Ariel Davis, founder and “Chief Upcycling Officer” at The Brooklyn Teacup. Here’s what she had to say about quarantine tea parties, preserving family heirlooms, and her new socially distanced pickup program!

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