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10 Simple Ways To Add Joy & Meaning To Life

12 Simple Ways To Add Joy & Meaning To Life

What does it mean to add joy and meaning to life? How can we manifest and infuse such an abstract concept into our days? And is it possible that, each time we ask ourselves these questions, the answer changes a little bit…?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes life rich and meaningful lately—beyond Pinterest board interpretations of “the good life”, which, in my corner of the internet, include minimal but festive interiors, fancy cutting board platters (gotta learn to assemble one of those), and exotic vacations. All the stuff I pin with “Sigh, someday” energy as the real world stacks up around me.

We know that you can’t pin your way to a more fulfilled life without taking action on the things you want, but what about just… feeling more engaged and present? What about loving life now, before you achieve your Pinterest-fueled dreams?

Because, as we’ve all been told, it’s the journey, the every single day, that adds up to become the summary of our lives. There is no far-off dazzling point that we can reach in order to suddenly feel accomplished, fulfilled, and fully joyful for the rest of our days. Yet it’s this plateau that so many of us daydream about, rendering our current lives unsatisfactory.

This is how lives become filled with regret, and how we miss out on the real magic of being here on earth.

What if we could soak it all in, right now, and love life as it’s happening? What if life could feel more meaningful, from your first sip of tea or coffee in the morning to the last thought you have before you fall asleep at night?

I believe there are some effective and universal ways to do this.

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