Here are some film stills from the three films I did with MC Janna (film student and future director extraordinaire Michelle Cho) last year in the spring.

The films were “Phobia”, “Sloth”, and an untitled final. Phobia is about a phobia of poetry – with fear-propelled editing and a poetic voice-over. Sloth is about one of the seven deadly sins, with some political undertone. The Untitled Final was a portrait inspired by a scene from Old Boy.

It was so much fun filming together!

Full series from each film after the jump!

From Phobia.

From Sloth.

From Untitled Final.

The last time I was in a film was back during my high school video and production final, and before that, in some cool films by my friends at the NYSSSA (New York State Summer School of the Arts) program in 2001.

I don’t think I’m much good on camera, but these all came out super cool.



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