As any New Yorker will tell you today, giant fluffy snow falling from the sky for about 12 hours in a festive mix of icy rain is no preferable way to enjoy your walk to/from work.

But fashion design interns have no complaints about romping into the gruesome wintry streets – be it for grommets or Starbucks.

The Milly internship is underway and I am learning a ton! From the design team to production to QA and beyond… everyone is on one floor and we get to interact with them as we carry out our various tasks.

 milly-new-york-internship-fashion-school (5)

milly-new-york-internship-fashion-school (7)

Here are a few snaps from behind the scenes…

milly-new-york-internship-fashion-school (3)

Classy vintage-inspired showroom.

milly-new-york-internship-fashion-school (9)

Michelle Smith is kind of a big deal.

The Milly internship is amazing… but baby, it’s cold outside!



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