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The Nightlife: Ooh, Those Mehanata Nights


Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello came to Mehanata (the infamous, debaucherous Bulgarian Bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan) last night to provide the soundtrack for many hours of madness. Zooey came along and we sampled the rakia shamelessly.

It was packed wall to wall and the dancing was crazy! Also, I made a cute outfit to destroy on the dance floor.

mehanata_eugene_hutz_bulgarian_bar_NYC_Hey_Mishka (9)

feb0609_Hey-Mishka-Michelle-Christina-Larsen_NYC-Fashion-School (9)


Warning: looking at these photos might make you feel drunk.

The shirt I made to pair with my go-to shorts & American Apparel socks. (Yeah, still hanging onto 2007 and my thigh highs…)


Off we go…

(It’s always funny to capture the “before” in the cab.)

These are the faces you make when the club is so packed you aren’t even sure if your feet are touching the ground.

This guy is amazing!

We also met my BFF Aparna and her friend Priya. Check out those lashes! *bat bat*

New friends!

I think this is what they call getting “folked up”.

This is Ali. He knows how to dance with a chair in his mouth.

Who’s this cutie…?


And then, of course, the classic drunken train ride home.

Same time next week?



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