So much going on! Every week gets busier than the last as we creep closer to spring. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

I ordered a bunch of colored tights from We Love Colors, and I’m totally obsessed. It’s going to be hard not to collect ’em all.

Fabric shopping for Senior collection with Sab: a wild goose chase of aesthetic second-guessing. I ended up buying yardage for two garments of my first look.

A trip to the MET to get lost in worlds past and have a long overdue reunion with a good friend.

After fabric shopping and museum-wandering, a dance party was in order! Steve Aoki came to Webster Hall last night and we threeeew down.

I celebrated Fat Tuesday at a bar called Fat Baby in the LES, in the company of Zooey England and Iranian rockstars Hypernova.

The night was full of Mardi Gras beads, free rum, and light fixtures that I tried (but failed) to steal. Oops!

We celebrated Jiao’s birthday in one of the workrooms at school, surrounded by dress forms and industrial sewing machines. A metaphor for our lives, for sure.

New nails (ugly or adorable—we may never know).

Sample sale finds from Milly, Free People, and other random brands. I love dresses.

In other news, I am addicted to CocoRosie and animal crackers.

Off to hack away at my to-do list!



Written by Mishka

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