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Reheated Green Tea Frivolity Report

How many times can you microwave green tea until it doesn’t taste like green tea anymore? Let’s find out.

Also, here are some snaps from school and around the city this week. The usual mix of fabric, sketches and dance floors.

Senior Thesis designs, production underway.

BFF hard at work in the lab (wearing a super cool Diesel shirt). Note flawless shiny hair and look of intense concentration.

Ali & I starring in our own nightlife disaster series.

Party, party. Sparklers. Etc.

Also, last weekend’s uniform:

High waisted skirt and knit top I made for this weekend’s various outings! Poly knit and cotton jersey material, worn with the new Nine West shoes & the blazer I got from the Vintage Mistress. A little school boy inspired, with a whole lotta girly underneath.



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