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Moving Day Is Nigh… And Other Late Morning Thoughts

Summer is coming. Everything is about to change.

I’m moving into my new abode in a couple days… my bff’s apartment in Chelsea. It will more realistically be happening gradually over the next few weeks as I inspire a small stimulus package at Ikea and figure out which material items are going to continue with me through the next phase of my life.

It always makes me sad to deconstruct the decor I have accumulated. Many incredible memories were made here over the past year. I will certainly remember this post-electro bohemian nuthouse fondly.

Buuut, I love keeping the karmic flow of affectionate-materialism going by donating/purging items as often as four times a year, in “massive quantities”. One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2009 was to live more like Karl Lagerfeld.

I’m not quite there yet.

Afflicted with illness for a few days (just in time to miss out on graduation festivities), I’ve confined myself to Chelsea with an endless arsenal of pomegranate green tea & honey. I’m feeling slightly better today, so I’m procrastinating the last of final projects in favor of contemplating my optimistically sized summer reading list…

Design Your Self (Karim Rashid)

The Fashion Designer Survival Guide (Mary Gehlhar)

Eccentric Glamour (Simon Doonan)

Fashion Babylon (Imogen Edwards-Jones & Anonymous)

Party of the Century (Deborah Davis)

Cold Sassy Tree (Olive Ann Burns)

Letters to a Young Poet (Rainer Maria Rilke)

House of Leaves (Mark Z. Danielewski)

Down and Out in Paris and London (George Orwell)

Finally, and most importantly, I’d like to take a moment to honor the most amazing lady on Earth.

To the most classy, kind, patient, loving, hardest working mom in the world, Happy Mother’s Day. ❤



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