Our last day of fashion school ever! I can’t believe it’s over.

Today we turned in the third look of our senior collections. Sabrina gifted me her double-layered wool pleated skirt after our review. Everything she makes is crazy cute.

My effort was last-second but the crop top in wine sheer netting (double layered, you can get away with a bandeau under it) was a success.

The skirt was a paper-doll-esque side seam flare high-waisted piece of nonsense with a beaded hem. Paper doll because I didn’t have time to add in the additional panels, which would have made it a full flare skirt. Alas.

Aki made these incredible high-waisted harem pants and gifted them to Sabrina, after seeing how stellar they look on her. It was a good day for fashion kids to gift each other projects, apparently!

After class I went home, put up my hair, and tackled the 12 hour task of packing.

“She’s got every important designer in her i-phone on speed dial!”

Have you heard Agyness Deyn’s theme song? I have the same love-hate relationship with it as I do with her face. But I bet if it came on at a party we’d all go bananas. Click here to listen.

Up next, graduation photos and the sparkling immediate future…




Written by Mishka
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