On a recent overcast afternoon I went with my homegirls Sisters-Cho to see The Model As Muse exhibit at the MET Museum, which ended up being a near-verbatim walk through of Michael Casey‘s multi-media intensive Fashion History class. It all came flooding back.

By far my favorite room was the 1960’s – a massive split-screen projection of Blow Up was playing, Around the room stood super-mod dresses by Paco Rabanne, Bernard & François Baschet, and Pierre Cardin. There were also two unbelievable pieces by Yves Saint Laurent.

While the 60’s have never been my favorite moment in fashion, I appreciate the way they curated this decade. Another great display was the reflective case full of white Prada and Helmut Lang in the 90s…  a stark and welcome contrast to the Anna Sui grunge-fest you have to walk through to get there.

After we’d had our fill of iconic fashion, we momentarily frolicked through modern art and Ancient Greece (which I will never get tired of) before escaping into central park.



Written by Mishka
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