August is here! One more month of summer bliss before the first phase of post-fashion school real life sets in. I spent my afternoon browsing the candy-colored deities lining the shelves at Pearl River Market in Soho. It might sound disrespectful but… they’re so pretty!

While I was there, I grabbed a new dumpling steamer and then proceeded to march around SoHo with Sab and Zooey.

How agonizingly I longed for a purple Bodhisattva to match my H&M T-shirt as I poked my soda straw in Zooey’s hair…




Written by Mishka
Michelle Christina (a.k.a. Mishka) founded in 2008 while studying fashion design at FIT. She has since documented her love of DIY, thrifting, and joy-infused living here. Fueled by strong coffee and faerie lights, she also trains freelance writers at Freelance Writing Cafe, vlogs at Hey Mishka TV and writes digital marketing copy for some of the world's biggest brands.