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Your Fingertips: Years (and Years) of DIY Nail Art

Nail Art NYC - Hey Mishka - Michelle Christina Larsen

If you’ve been following this blog for more than five minutes, you know I love highly decorated nails, whether slick looking paint jobs or acrylic molded roses or (in my most frequent case), press-ons coated in rhinestones found on design studio floors.

Here are some of my recent & semi-recent nail jobs, one of which made it to the archives of Missbehave Magazine’s blog back when they still had the “Let’s Talk Nails!!” section.

The hardest thing about wearing them? In the homemade recession edition, the gems are held on with super glue and excessive top coat, which means they pretty much stay put until you try to floss your teeth. Then you have a mouth full o’ sparkle.

Pretty claws forever.



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