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I ♥ Milly #NYFW

I really, really love Milly. I interned there last January-through-May and fell head over heels in the process. Michelle Smith seems to have mastered the art of applicable contemporary boho-luxury for girls who just wanna look pretty (and a little bit expensive). Sabrina and I caught a cab to Bryant Park on the 16th and barely made it in time to run into the Promenade for Milly’s presentation…

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Milly showed a fresh variation of the tried-and-true aesthetic Michelle Smith applies to her lines from season to season: it’s all about luxurious fabrics, darling silhouettes, and well placed embellishment. Olive green and black were two unexpected dominant hues for spring, but from one look to the next, the formulas really worked.

Michelle Smith also debuted her costume jewelry line on the collarbones of her living barbies. I must say the jewelry was preferable to the Betsey Johnson bows, but those kind of grew on me too. Overall, a delicious collection!

Backstage with designer Michelle Smith, Sally Wu, and loyal Milly devotees…

See the full collection here.




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