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How To Stay Stylish When It’s Freezing

February 4, 2013

New Yorkers looove complaining, and one thing they particularly adore griping about is the weather. Fashion-minded gals are no exception, with the added dilemma of picking out clothing to protect them from the elements. What a joy twitter is to read on a sleety, snowy morning in the Big Apple.


So, I don’t usually do two posts in one day, but it’s bitter out there, and I think you guys need this one. Time to break the icicle tears off your cheeks! Scroll and brush up on what to wear to stay stylish and warm when it’s bloody freezing outside.

Designer Ice Skates louis vuitton

How To Stay Stylish When It’s Freezing Outside


1. Shop for layer-friendly clothing. Think colors and prints that go well together. Invest in a faux-fur vest to layer over your favorite cashmere sweater (that’s not too bulky to wrap your coat around). Show off your legs in wool shorts and tights, and then pull on some Nordic leg warmers. Wear a fitted sweater dress over skinny jeans. Get the picture?


2. Play up the ice queen look. If you’re cold, why not own it? Wear white, silver, and metallics to celebrate this frigid season. Now is the perfect time to shop for gorgeous vintage rhinestone earrings. For inspiration check out my Ice Queens board on pinterest.


3. Get (really) into winter accessories. No stylish gal’s winter look is complete without some audaciously large earmuffs or a bold, cozy scarf. A pair of wrist warmers or touch-screen friendly gloves and a chic knitted hat are a few more must-haves when snow is falling. Shop around and find colorful, bold options that’ll brighten your mood when you pull them on pre-commute to reduce your weather-related grumbling.


4. Wear ponchos and shawls like a boss. Imagine how much nicer the day would be if you could just leave the house wrapped up in your down comforter? Well, ponchos and shawls are basically the same thing only, socially acceptable and less homeless-looking.


5. Balance bulky winter coats with chic bottoms and shoes. One of my favorite style moments was running into Garance Doré outside a warehouse fashion show near the FDR and seeing her bulky winter coat with a giant fur-trimmed hood. She balanced the silhouette with slim fitted pants and a pair of killer, no-fuss boots. She looked warm, stylish, and ready to work.


Alright, snow bunnies. Try out these tips and have a warm, stylish week!

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