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Oat Works Smoothies Are NYFW-Approved Breakfast for Busy People

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Today marks the official start of New York Fashion Week: The epic 7-day stylish circus of covering runway shows, sprinting over snow-frosted sidewalks in heels, guzzling lattes, and Instagramming our faces off. See that chipped winter manicure of mine? I’ve had no time to fix it. But that’s about to change.

Needless to say, it’s a busy time for anyone working in the industry, from the interns backstage frantically dressing models to design teams perfecting details post-fitting, to writers and bloggers who have no shortage of opinions to write about. I fall into that last category, and sometimes it’s hard to rationalize having a slow, luxurious breakfast (or fixing one’s nails) in the morning.

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Some would say the 30 minutes of yoga, DIY green smoothie, and meditation session are morning rituals that are crucial to surviving the busiest week of New York’s fashion calendar, but sometimes what you need is an extra hour of sleep and a quick and healthy breakfast-to-go.

For these exact reasons, I love my stash of Oat Works smoothies, which the company generously provided. These heart-healthy, energy-boosting bottles of goodness are convenient and filling, perfect for mornings when I still have one eye closed, am 15 minutes late, and can’t figure out how to operate my blender due to exhaustion. Also, they’re super delicious.

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Strawberry banana is my favorite flavor, but they also have pomegranate blueberry and peach-mango. Mmmm.

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A fast and healthy breakfast is totally essential when my to-do list is out of control and I don’t want something heavy or fast-food-y. While I love making green smoothies and preparing breakfast if there’s time, it’s good to know there’s a reliable option in the fridge. Get yourself some and see if it works for you too!

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I’m going to fix these messy nails.






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