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The Denim Reviews Are In! My Favorite Pairs of Jeans Right Now

My Favorite Pairs of Jeans Right Now - hey mishka blog - denim therapy - 000

One of the perks of being the editor of the Denim Therapy blog is that I get to climb in and out of an insane number of jeans in search of the best picks for our readers—and it’s certainly no secret that I prefer a high-rise skinny fit in the occasional pop-color. Want the inside scoop on my favorite pairs of jeans right now? Keep reading!

This past week I reviewed two pairs that I loved: Fabrizio Gianni super stretch jeans in slim fit tapered style in mint green, and a pair of zip ankle mid-rise jeans by D-ID.

I paired these mint green jeans with quartz earrings by Little Otto shop and my favorite oversize vintage sweater (an amazing Sally Army find). Fabrizio Gianni also sent along a cute tote bag, watch, and iPhone case. See my full review here.

D-ID have been my go-to jeans for weeks. The ankle zip and mid-rise make for an ideal fit. They’re so easy to pair with a blazer and tank for work. See my full review here.

D-ID denim review - hey mishka blog - denim therapy - 001

D-ID denim review - hey mishka blog - denim therapy - 002

D-ID denim review - hey mishka blog - denim therapy - 003

It’s never easy to find a favorite pair of jeans that fit. My favorite for the past year (or more) have been my Williamsburg Garment Co. high-waisted jeans, but those are currently undergoing intense spot treatment and resurrection after I fell in the muddy ice while wearing them…

Aah, New York winter. So glad it’s almost over!






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