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DIY Flower Glasses for Spring: Embellish Your Frames!


When the New York City sky drops a hail storm on you in April, it’s time to call upon the spring gods of DIY. Yes, they exist. Spring is a feeling, you see, and when you create springy things, you manifest springy-ness.

Another explanation? Fun DIY projects keep you busy while you wait for the weather to get a clue… Either way, it’s DIY time, and today’s project is flower-tastic!


Earlier this month the festival madness, paired with some super cute glasses I saw online, inspired me to whip up a pair of flower glasses. They are officially all the rage, and you can make them yourself.

I ordered up some pastel floral cabochons and whipped out my tacky glue. The result? My favorite new accessory.


You’ll need…

 A pair of frames (lenses can be clear or shaded, depending on the look you want and how functional you want these to be).

Tacky glue (my favorite is Fabri-Tac—it’s similar in drying time and texture to hot glue, except not hot).

Floral cabochons, or charms with flatbacks. I got mine super fast from this amazing Etsy shop: Whimsy and Pop


Step 1

Kind of a pre-step, but important. When selecting your glasses, be sure you actually like the way they fit on your face. It’s easy to grab cheap frames and glue stuff on them, but if you want to enjoy them, try a bunch on until you find a pair you adore.


Step 2

Hold your frames carefully in one hand while squeezing the tacky glue onto the frame, careful not to spill it over on the lens. Do this in small sections, because the glue dries quickly.


Step 3

Firmly press your floral cabochons down over the glue. They should stick right away as the glue begins to turn to a rubbery texture. If you can still move them around a lot, add more glue and try again.


Step 4

Repeat all the way around one side, and let dry. Yes, I know you’re excited, but you have a high chance of ruining your frames if you don’t wait! You’ll probably have to handle the DIY’d side at some point while finishing the second side.




Step 5

Repeat the process on the second side, and let dry thoroughly (I recommend overnight, but you can wear them in a couple of hours if you absolutely must show them off like, tonight).

You can fold the frames and lay them down if you see any of the cabochons sliding down during the drying process.


Step 6

Take those babies for a stroll! Here, Becca shows us just how adorable these frames can be, especially paired with pastel hair.




What do you think? Will you be making your own pair of floral frames?

Now it’s back to the creative lab for some green tea and crafty experimenting. Exciting announcements and more DIY on the way…

Have an amazing weekend. May spring weather be upon us soon!







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