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Hey Mishka Loves… ♥ Pink Lemonade

Hey Mishka Loves Pink Lemonade - Michelle Christina Larsen

Image via Lauren Conrad

I’m pretty sure if you looked up “aesthetically pleasing”, this photo above would pop up somewhere. So refreshing!

Today I’m obsessing over infused lemonade, reviewing the dress code for a job interview in the fashion industry, reaffirming resolutions for a festive, creative summer, and more. How’s that for a mish-mosh of summer content goodness?

 Time for summer sips! Lauren Conrad has two must-try recipes for infused summer lemonade (pictured above).

 Applying for a job in fashion? I love this article from Fashionista that goes beyond speculation and features industry insiders with advice on what you should wear.

 No lie, one of my favorite things about the Sailor Moon cartoon is the pastel technicolor scenery, so thank goodness there is an entire tumblr dedicated to that. Thanks, internet!

 Gala says Sunday should be fun day! This is a great reminder that sometimes, girls just need to have fun.

 Forget about losing your luggage while traveling—soon we’ll just be emailing our luggage to 3D printers around the world and picking up our freshly pressed wardrobe upon arrival! Mind: blown.

 Spend some time reassessing yourself as we roll into this next season. Are you living authentically? Click through for some simple activities you can do to get back in touch with number one.

 Finally, my jam from summer 2007. Let’s dance!

Happy Tuesday!



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