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A Sweet Valentine’s Day DIY


Confession time: I’m a sucker for holidays. What, you knew that already?…

From mid-November to mid-February, I can’t walk into Duane Reade without being drawn to sparkly Christmas ornaments and frilly heart-shaped boxes full of candy. I stop myself though, because there’s something far more exciting than stocking up on cheaply made decor and festive junk food: homemade gifts!


Every year I promise myself I’ll forgo buying gifts and make them (or at least shop small—another great option). I’m starting off 2015 on a do-it-myself note. Here’s my first project!

This candy-and-tea jar is a super cute Valentine, or anytime-gift, which you can whip up with just a few ingredients and fill with whatever you want. See how I made it below.

What you need:

 Medium size mason jar

 Sweethearts Valentine’s candy

 Pukka brand “Love” tea (or anything you want to fill the jar with)

 Origami paper (fabric also works)

 Scissors & tacky glue

 Ribbon or cord

 Step 1. Choose your color scheme and affix the candy hearts to the outside of the jar in your desired pattern. I chose three colors and a staggered pattern.

Allow some time for them to dry, and check on them as they dry to make sure they’re not sliding down the jar.

 Step 2. As you’re waiting for your candy hearts to dry, take a piece of pretty origami paper (or fabric), and cover the lid of your mason jar. Do this by covering the flat metal cap and pushing it up into the lid frame.

You can also trim the paper (or fabric) until you like how it looks.

 Step 3. Tie some cute ribbon around the lid. Pastel and metallics look great with the silver lid!

 Optional: Spray the outside of your jar with a sealant to keep the candy from crumbling away or attracting unwanted visitors like bugs and rodents. (eek.)

 Step 4. Fill your jar! I chose Pukka tea and the left-over hearts, but you can use whatever you want.

And there you have it! A sweet Valentine (or gift for any occasion) in a reusable jar that’s full of reasons to smile.

hey mishka hand drawn xoxo michelle christina larsen




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