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Tea time: Tulsi Chai Masala


Those who know how to thrive in the dark, sometimes downtrodden post-December NYC winter usually have a figurative emergency kit full of things that make them warm-and-fuzzy, whether it’s knitting, wrapping up in cozy layers, or sipping spicy, hot tea.

I’m pretty into that last option, and while Organic India sent me a generous box of delicious Tulsi Chai Masala tea back in the fall, I could not have opened it up at a better time.

During the would-be snowpocalypse of 2015—a very modern storm in terms of hashtags and under-delivering in the wake of extreme buzz—I turned to my stash of teas, hoping to find one that would keep me cozy as I watched the snow falling outside my window. The chai masala box was waiting for me with open arms.


I love this tea and all of its complexity. Tulsi, also known as “holy herb”, has soul-soothing healing properties that help reduce stress and other mental and physical toxins that pile on hard during the cold winter months. The blend of spices and herbs gives an extra punch of power to your immune system, while aiding in digestion.

On days when I need an energy boost, I’ll drink it plain, but if I want to treat myself to something incredibly delicious and soothing, I’ll add almond milk and raw sugar. If you’ve been looking for a healthy alternative to your morning latte, this might be it!


Here are some of the other amazing flavors. The Indian breakfast blend was deep, rich, and definitely a match for my favorite lineup of black teas. All of the flavors are packed with antioxidants and a whole list of body-loving ingredients.

There are a ton of flavors to try, too.

I haven’t quite given up my lattes… but adding this tea to my menu has already improved my mood and energy levels. I’d recommend it, 100%.

Bottoms up, teacups!




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