Travel Diary: Las Ruinas & Big Decisions in Tulum (Part 2)

This is part two of my Tulum travel diary—and this is the face of a girl who doesn’t want to leave Tulum. Our trip was winding down, though, with just a week or so left in paradise. We managed to make the most of it by visiting hidden outdoor clubs in the middle of the jungle, seeing the stunning Mayan ruins, and eating a lot of ceviche. This is the only snapshot I took of our little adventure into the club at the center of the jungle. A DJ booth was set up in tree and everything was outdoors. To access it, you had to walk through a maze of partially lit trees. If you walked far enough, you’d hit the ocean. We could hear the waves crashing under the music. And I know it’s not novel to Tulum regulars, but this was one of the coolest setups I’d ever seen! You can’t see Tulum without seeing Las Ruinas. This is the third most visited archaeological site in all of Mexico after Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza. This place has over two million tourists traipsing through it per year. I was pretty surprised that there weren’t that many people around during … Continue reading Travel Diary: Las Ruinas & Big Decisions in Tulum (Part 2)