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Hey Mishka Relaunch & Self-Care November


Aaand we’re back!

2016 has been an epic year. Between 3 apartments, 2 wild trips to Central America and Mexico, the 1 year anniversary of my website dedicated online writing and a busy client roster, I’ve been juggling a lot for the past 10 months.

But those of you who read the old Hey Mishka know I can’t just let the year end without trying to make it as epic as possible, so here’s my big news:

I’m relaunching Hey Mishka!

And oh-em-gee, I’m ecstatic about it. I had some serious back-and-forth about adding another project to my list, but the truth is, blogging adds a layer of joy to my day that I haven’t found anywhere else.

I’ve felt incomplete without Hey Mishka for nearly two years. I miss doing photoshoots, curating outfits and itineraries, and documenting life in this crazy city. Most of all, I miss sharing it with you!

When I reminded myself of this, the choice was obvious.

To celebrate the relaunch, I’m doing an Instagram challenge until the end of November. It’s called Self-Care November, and it’s all about taking amazing care of yourself!

Keep reading to learn all about #SelfCareNovember & the relaunch of Hey Mishka!

First, I want to say this: Thanks so much for hanging out with me for the second phase of Hey Mishka. If you’re new, you can read a bit about me and the history of the blog right here.

Don’t laugh at how behind the times I am with this, but I’ve finally moved the blog off of and onto Siteground. You can still browse the old archives if you get nostalgic, but I’ll be moving some of my favorite posts over here.

The relaunch took many cups of coffee and late nights hunched over my pink Vaio… and while I saved a few crème de la crème pieces of content to revisit here, for the most part, everything is shiny and new.

Including the ultra-tropical logo! How cute is that?

So, down to business:

I’m kicking off the relaunch with #SelfCareNovember, a full month dedicated to self-care and wellness.

Yes, we’re running a bit behind, because it’s already the 2nd week of November at the time I’m typing this and the domain hasn’t even finished transferring, so by the time YOU read this, it might be December.

For that reason, this challenge will take place exclusively on Instagram. Look for the tag #SelfCareNovember—and be sure to use it if you participate!

What is #SelfCareNovember?

Self-Care November is designed to rein in your busy brain in for an hour or so each day and do something good for yourself.

It encourages all of those little things you don’t have time to do when you’re running on all cylinders.

The underlying theme is progress—not perfection—so even though it’s a challenge, it’s more about making steps in the right direction than anything.

Where did this self-care inspo come from?

I was originally inspired to stop drinking and go to the gym everyday in November after an October of non-stop partying. Halloween love sort of spanned…a  whole month. Spoiler alert: I’m not in my 20’s anymore! ;}

This idea then evolved into something so much better. Not only would I physically take care of myself,  but I’d focus on things like facials, acupressure, body brushing, several hours of deep sleep—all of these things that, despite being so crucial, often slip between the cracks.

Can you relate?

What if, each day, we focused on at least one thing that was meant to nurture us and heal is in some way, whether through stress relief, artistic expression, physical therapy, or simple relaxation?

What if we had at least an hour that was not impacted by social media, emails, work, S.O.’s, or your own mind sabotaging your goals with doubt?

The challenges I’ve created for Self-Care November are designed to encourage small steps in the direction of being good to yourself. You decide how to interpret each “challenge” in a way that works for you.

It all kicks off Monday, November 7th.

You can download this calendar I made to check off which days you completed the prompts or take care of your own personal self-care goals for the day. (Right-click to open full-sized in a new tab.)


I’ll be checking in with your photos on insta as the challenge progresses, so drop that hashtag in your posts and let’s focus on repairing ourselves before the chaos of the holidays sets in!

Also, before I forget—you should definitely jump on the brand new Hey Mishka newsletter and keep your eyes here for fresh content each week!

I’m SO excited to be back…




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