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The hunt for cute places to sip coffee is on this spring, and today I want to show you one of my favorite little hangs in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Central Cafe is bursting with rustic charm. I spent many mornings recovering from hangovers in their backyard, sipping their deeeelicious ice coffee.

Pretty much everything inside is Instagram-worthy, but the back yard’s pink brick wall and flourishing greenery is what had me hooked.

Oh, and good food.

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The Café: Central Cafe

The deets: 108 Central Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206. Monday-Friday 7am—7pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am—7pm.

The perks: Some of the  best coffee in Bushwick, with great sandwiches named after local streets (aw, quirk! My fave is the Wilson: pancetta, arugula, parmigiana, tomato with tahini sauce on rosemary ciabatta). Try the peanut butter latte while you’re there.

You’ll also find a ‘gram-able floor, rustic charm abound. Everything is lived-in and cozy. A mosaic coffee table and a pile of books will have you dreaming up DIY projects for your own apartment.

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Did I mention the incredible cherry blossoms you’ll find in the backyard when they’re in season? So beautiful!

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Alright, so the backyard isn’t pristine. But I LOVE it.

It’s perfect for reclining with your breakfast and hiding from other people. It’s hidden down a narrow alley through the back door, so some patrons don’t even know it exists.

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