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The Linear Dinner: Rose Gold Dinner Club

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Eek! I started a dinner club! After reading about fancy, underground dinners happening around the city this spring (for super cool people with extremely advanced appetites) I decided to start one of my own.

I named it the Rose Gold Dinner Club and invited a handful of inspiring women who I’ve been meaning to introduce to one another. Each member will have a chance to set a dinner theme, from the decor and dress code to the menu itself.

I’m thrilled to report that our first dinner was a huge success!

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This is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. The idea of inspiring women sitting around a table, sharing ideas and bonding over delicious food is pretty much the most amazing thing I can possibly think of.

In New York, you end up having a few different social circles, and sometimes getting them to cross over and mesh can be a challenge with everyone’s different schedules. Even before I sent out the invitations, I was giddy just imagining these friends sitting across from one another exchanging stories and getting to know one another.

Since my current living situation has a spacious living and dining room, I decided the timing was right!

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The first theme was the “Linear Dinner”, and the entire experience was conceived by brilliant Macedonian artist (and dear friend) Klimentina Jauleska. She created an art installation in my apartment, extending the piece onto the table with hundred-year-old Macedonian yarn, clear plates, and transparent cubes filled with different linear patterns.

It was wildly creative! And of course, we had a blast. Here are some photos of the setup and the dinner itself.

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A few days before the dinner, Klimentina came over to scope out the space and design her installation.

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After she’d confirmed her plans, we sat down to sip some bubbly and make gift bags. Each person brought a small gift to exchange with someone else, and they took the gifts home in these hand-decorated bags.

Linear is a huge theme for Klimentina these days, artistically. She even got an amazing full body linear tattoo (catch a peek of it on her arm in this photo).

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On the day of the dinner, Kli came back in the morning to create her linear masterpiece! She sourced yarns from several different places, including one amazing hundred-year-old yarn that she’d purchased in a small shop in Macedonia.

She combined different widths and ways of hanging strings to achieve the final piece.

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The linear theme then continued through the entire presentation. We asked all of the guests to bring food that was somehow linear, and the dress code was linear, too.

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Once the piece was finished, the dinner club began to arrive, and one plate at a time, our little buffet grew into a veritable feast! We spent about an hour and a half sipping cocktails and introducing everyone before we sat down to eat. After dinner, it was time for more cocktails and some incredible conversation.

A few things I’m glad we did? Vegetarian/vegan options, mocktails for those who weren’t drinking, and plenty of snacks.

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Rose Gold Dinner Club members include writers, artists, designers, and innovators of all varieties. These are some of my favorite women in the world!

The club is actually around 25 strong, but it’s sort of expected that each dinner will by 8-10 table settings.

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Dinner itself was amazing! We had veggie flautas, all kinds of salad, empanadas, and a bunch of other dishes I can’t even remember. At a certain point, I put down my camera and just enjoyed the experience.

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Klimentina gifted me this linear art piece she created in honor of the dinner party. I will treasure it, and this experience, for the rest of my life!

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Here’s to the linear dinner and the ladies of the Rose Gold Dinner Club!

If you’ve been considering starting a dinner club, don’t worry about making it exclusive or cool. Just invite people who you think would enjoy meeting one another and dedicate a whole day each month to good food, good company, and good vibes.




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