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Decking the Halls in the BEST Pom-Pom Beanie I’ve Ever Owned


File this under first world problems, but… it took me forever to choose a new pom-pom beanie this year. Knowing I wanted to jump on this oversized pom-pom trend, I browsed a ridiculous number of options from Amazon to Urban. I even bought a few duds!

I’ve been blessed with a slightly larger than average head size, so most hats slip right off or just don’t look as cute as they do online. It’s hard to find something that’s cable knit, thick and warm, but doesn’t fit too tight or totally ruin your hair. I know my fellow bangs-wearers will understand this dilemma!

Anyway, after shopping around for a while, it dawned on me: one of my copy clients literally specializes in the very product I was searching for! I ordered a faux-fur pom-pom beanie from Canadian winterwear experts Kyi Kyi, and eagerly awaited its arrival…


Oh. My. Gah…

I just love it! At just over $60, this hat is a Christmas miracle.  It’s everything it promises to be, with plenty of stretch and arctic-level thickness. It’s lined inside with fleece, and the pom-pom is HUGE!

Kyi Kyi very proudly claims to make the best pom-pom beanies ever, and their claims are pretty well-founded. They were born from a leading winter-wear company in Canada that was founded decades ago, so they know what they’re doing.

As far as I’m concerned? This hat is proof!


I know how hard it is to find the perfect winter accessory in an Amazon-Roulette world (love me some Amazon, but it’s almost always a hit or miss with quality).

This post isn’t sponsored, nor was it requested by the Kyi Kyi team. I’m just happy to have found a perfect hat, so I had to tell you guys about it. For real, I’ll be back for more colors in the chunky knit style. In my opinion, it’s the cutest one they make.

Rejoice, my friends! The hunt for the best pom-pom beanie is over!

Alright, off into the wintry day I go! Lots of errands to run before the Sugar x Spice Holiday Market



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