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2017 Was Not My Favorite Year, But…

2017 was not my favorite year, but - Michelle Christina Larsen - Hey Mishka

…it was worth reflecting on.

And upon reflecting, I realized it was pretty beautiful after all. I just wasn’t paying attention to the good stuff.

See, I usually have a big routine planned for the end of the year. I review accomplishments (my credit score skyrocketed, my freelance income doubled, I paid off my first student loan—yay!).

I imagine the beginning of the year and reflect on how far I’ve come, I look through photos, emails, notebooks… I try to get a picture of the year as a whole and honor it somehow before moving on.

I’m a person who loves holidays, ceremonious beginnings and endings, and marking occasions with bubbly. This year, though, I was feeling lackluster. I didn’t feel excited or refreshed or ready for a new beginning.

I just felt… blah. 

A few days before the new year, I still hadn’t made any grand plans to assess and celebrate 2017. The magic of the holidays had faded and I was staring at my to-do list once more. On top of my list? Assess 2017. Create a blog post celebrating the new year. My enthusiasm flatlined.

Regardless, I wasn’t about to let the year slip away without some sort of recognition. I’m all about celebrating life, dammit! 

On a whim, I had the idea to compile all of my random cellphone videos throughout the year into one clip. You know, the ones you take and don’t even post on social media? It turns out, when you put them all together, they paint an interesting picture of the year. The in-between moments. The days as they flowed together. The seasons as they passed.

I narrowed the clips down and edited everything in sequential order. When I hit export, I held my breath, suddenly very excited to see the finished product. See, as I’d gone through those clips, I had begun to get a sense of the year.

I laughed at random moments I had filmed, like trying to sip prosecco on Krystal‘s balcony on a freezing cold spring day. I remembered the really special moments, like virtually every second spent with my nephew and an amazing writing retreat I had in Woodstock.

When I watched the video, it hit me: 2017 was an amazing year.

There were no major victories. There were more monotonous days than epic moments. But I spent this year with friends, family, and people I adore. Watching the clips and then the finished video filled me with gratitude and dose of reality. Life is always, always worth appreciating and celebrating.

Here’s the video, in case you’re curious…

(Hint: Watch in HD)

Whatever 2018 brings, let’s be grateful for it, and soak in every moment. We may or may not “have it all together”, reach our goals or go to yoga every day. We may or may not get to do all of the traveling, mindset-shifting, and money-making we want. Whatever happens, let’s just sink our teeth in.

Happy new year, babes. I am grateful for all of you!



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