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This Week’s Highlights: A Bob Haircut & A Red Fedora

Bob Hair Style - Haircut - Red Fedora - Hey Mishka - 06

On a total whim the other night, I took a pair of scissors to my hair and chopped off 6″ or so. Maybe even more.

It was getting really long, and even though I was having fun styling it this winter, I felt that familiar need for a change that creeps up on me every so often. It might sound silly silly if you’ve never done it, but it really does change your life when you lob off this much hair.

The last time I cut my hair into a short bob (way shorter than this) was when I was 25—here’s evidence.

Just like the first time, I felt like I had some heavy energy to shed. January wasn’t the easiest month for me. I have been carrying some heavy energy that I’ve found difficult to process. I sort of felt like I was dragging the 2017 version of myself (perhaps even older versions of myself, too) along for the ride.

Bob Hair Style - Haircut - Red Fedora - Hey Mishka - 01

Aside from the idea of releasing energy and feeling lighter, I really like how it looks. It’s growing on me, even though I wasn’t sure as I stared myself down in the mirror and brandished a pair of hair cutting shears. I can wear it down with bangs or flip it over on my head for a sort of instant hairdo.

I was never really into “doing” my hair and have never quite been able to figure out what style works for me. Despite admittedly liking “girly things” like dressing up and doing makeup, I’ve never mastered the art of such mysteries. Having long hair often meant just tying putting it in a top knot and forgetting about it.

Come to think of it, even when shelled out considerable funds to go balayage-blonde last spring, I had no idea how to make it work for me. It has all been trial and error. Yes, I’ve been exposed. And this, friends, is no exception.

So, here we are! Short hair, happier Mishka. And, of course, my favorite hat.

Bob Hair Style - Haircut - Red Fedora - Hey Mishka - 04

The hat, by the way, is by Lack of Color—the literal best hat company in the world. I exaggerate not. I can’t even keep up with how badly I want everything they release. I have three more of their hats, but I was actually on a waiting list for this bright red style for months. Now, it’s part of my ~new look~.

Bob Hair Style - Haircut - Red Fedora - Hey Mishka - 02

Bob Hair Style - Haircut - Red Fedora - Hey Mishka - 03

For a better look at how I plan to style this newly sliced-off bob hairstyle, I snapped some photos in the bathroom of Grand Central. Because, classy! And geeze, I look tired. I guess I am. I guess this winter has made me very, very tired.

I’m looking forward to things perking up for spring.

Bob Hair Style - Haircut - Red Fedora - Hey Mishka - 05

Anyway, it feels good to have a new look. I highly recommend cutting off a few inches if you feel stuck this winter! I believe it will help you make space for some new energy to come rushing in.

If you do, I definitely want to see it! Drop a comment below or come hang out with me on IG: @heymishka



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