A Chic & Zen Loft Getaway: Brooklyn Staycation

The next time you need a little escape, but a full-on vacation isn’t exactly in your bank account, hop on Airbnb—or your ethical rental platform of choice—and find yourself a cute local hideaway! That’s what I did for Valentine’s Day this year and the experience was just as good as leaving town. Occasionally, I’ll take one of these “staycations” as a way to clear my head or celebrate something special. This allows me to recharge and capture the feeling of a vacation without actually leaving my neighborhood. Check out this super-cute loft apartment in Greenpoint! It had a cozy, lived-in vibe, which matched the couple who lives here perfectly. I got to meet them briefly before they took off for a Costa Rica adventure. Check out this loft bed—it’s tucked away above the living room. I love it when a living space feels like a sanctuary. It’s one of my goals for my own living spaces. An indoor hammock is definitely another goal. Look how this room invites you to lounge and unwind! In fact, something I loved about this space was that it had a place to lounge almost everywhere you looked. Between the benches, plants, and poufs, it … Continue reading A Chic & Zen Loft Getaway: Brooklyn Staycation