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The Cutest Cafés in NYC: Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II

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Pinkies up! I treated my mom to tea and scones at Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II this week, and we were amazed at the cuteness of it all. I’ve been wanting to try this place for years and was excited to find a breakfast deal on Groupon.

The whimsy of this place is next-level, but be sure to sit on the actual next-level (2nd floor) for the full experience. Tall windows, yummy mint green walls, and adorable little tables make this place rather dreamy.

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It was fairly empty since we arrived midday. Mom had the day off and I have the perks of the freelance life (choosing your own schedule = midday tea parties).

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The Café: Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II

The deets: 156 E 64th St, New York, NY 10065. Monday-Sunday 8am—8pm.

The perks: They have perhaps the largest tea menu you’ve ever seen in your life and options to order many small teapots and try the ones that intrigue you. The mismatched teacups and plates are cute, too. Service is good (for example, we had a Groupon deal for lunch and they let us use it for Breakfast with no fuss).

The wait staff is very knowledgeable about the extensive tea selection. It’s a no-tip restaurant, with gratuity “baked” into the price, which makes things simple.

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As two crazed lovers of tea, the best part of the experience was the tea itself. There were over 100 to choose from! I’m stalking them on insta to get a full list, but for now, just order the signature house tea if you go there. This place takes tea very seriously, and they brew each pot to perfection before serving it.

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I also recommend ordering up a bunch of different teas, scones, and eggs for a delicious breakfast that comes on a stunning three-tiered platter.

Alices-Tea-Cup-Chapter-II-Review-Cute-Cafe-NYC (5)

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I was looking rather exhausted—but still cheery to be having a tea date with my mama!

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Don’t forget to grab a pastry-to-go on your way out!

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All in all, I highly recommend this place as a sweet spot to try many kinds of tea, slowly peck at a giant platter of pastries and enjoy life for a while.

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