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My Freelance Writing Website Got a Makeover for Spring

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I’ve got a brand new website and I’m super hyped about it!

My site was feeling a little “off” since I rebranded for winter (here’s a preview of what it looked like—opens in a new tab). I liked the color scheme and the sleek vibe, but it wasn’t really me.

As you guys know well, I’m all about the girly color scheme, pops of pink, and creative accents. I threw sleekness to the wind and tried to achieve all of this with the new site.

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The same weekend that I conceived the new design, I did an informal photo shoot on a Brooklyn rooftop, hoping to use some of the shots on the About page. Only a few made the final cut, but I wanted to post them here anyway.

They represent a kind of refresh for me. I felt different that day. I’d just identified some new goals as a writer, and I felt brave enough to infuse my personality back into the thing that represents me as a writer on the internet.

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Have you ever done a professional project of some kind with other people in mind? Ominous, judgemental “other people”? I’ve written my bios and designed my websites around this vague idea of what I think my industry is looking for. I’ve always done it that way.

This time, though, I wanted the website to be ALL me. Whether or not it’s glossy or elevated enough, it’s really me. That was so important to me while creating it, and it feels good to say I achieved it.

fashion-copywriter-nyc-michelle-christina-larsen-writers-website (3)

It did take a long time to rewrite my bio. I tend to cringe every time I look back at things I say about myself (don’t we all?) but at least this “about” page is structured and cohesive.

I tried to include information about my ideal clients, as well as what it’s like to work with me—rather than just blathering on about myself. The aim is to filter out clients who aren’t an ideal match ahead of time and excite the ones who would be perfect.

Anyway, check it out if you want! It makes me smile. I hope it’ll inspire you to infuse more of yourself into your “real world, professional” marketing materials, too.

Oh, and a quick side note: There are a lot of freelance “experts” out there who will tell you a website isn’t necessary for writers, but I have to disagree. I get job leads through my website pretty often. Most of them mention something about it—how the design caught their eye, or they could immediately see my fashion/lifestyle niche shining through.

This may be the Libra in me speaking, but a website is literally a 24/7 streamlined, dynamic snapshot of your services, your personality, your expertise, and your vibe in general. Why wouldn’t you want an all-in-one tool that could attract or deter certain clients right off the bat?

Anyway, I’m not going to get on a soap box right now… but you can get a bunch of tips about growing your freelance writing career over at Day Job Optional.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here sipping bubbly and celebrating this new year/bigger career vibe.



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