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Photo Diary: Stuck in a Spring Rut

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This hasn’t been the easiest spring, I’ll be honest. So much has been shifting in my life since 2018 began (on top of the many changes unfolding over the past few years). You could say my anxiety came to a sharp peak in the winter, and now I’m trying to find ways to ease into the rest of the year.

I’ve been drinking a bit too much wine, eating a few too many pastries, second-guessing myself a little too often. But I’m human, and I’m aware that I’m in a bit of a rut.

Life just feels a bit messy, a bit scattered. I’ve had a hard time keeping up and staying organized lately. However, as always, I choose optimism, romance, and believing in myself. I know that if we just keep going another day, new answers will be revealed. New ideas will be uncovered. Some unforeseen magic will be witnessed to restore faith in everything. That’s the nature of being alive.

And there’s no better reminder of this than spring—a season I spent in the Hudson Valley with my ever-supportive and loving family, while taking weekly rides into Brooklyn to spend time with E. Here are a few of my favorite moments…

I’m still getting used to styling my short hair. It feels good to have some fresh vibes for spring (and it takes a lot less time to dry).

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While I’m currently staying in the Hudson Valley, I still head into Brooklyn each weekend to hang out with my guy.

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I try to get work done on the train. I’m doing a lot of writing these days for my blogs and for writing clients. I’ve been seeing a lot of success using Upwork and I’m also working with a luxury family-owned brand. There’s never a dull moment when you’re freelancing!

In general, I have remarkably bad anxiety and don’t like surprises. But one area of my life where I do like the challenge of change is in freelance writing. I love the excitement of new projects and new clients. It keeps me on my toes.

As I pulled some spring photos together, I realized I have a lot of these train moments documented. But then again, when am I not documenting? It’s fun to see my outfits change from early to late spring.

Usually, I’ll meet Eduardo on Friday evening and we’ll have dinner before heading to the rehearsal studio to see his band play.

Here are a few of my favorite recent finds…

1. Super refreshing hair oil (I’ve been using it as a general fragrance, too). Urban Outfitters has a lot of fragrances and beauty products with charged crystals inside. I’m getting more interested in how crystals can be used in self-care/beauty routines…

2. The best back scratcher! I found this at a novelty shop because I always have an itch in my back, right in the center where it’s hard to reach. I think it’s an irritated nerve from a botched massage in Costa Rica.

Please excuse my gnarly nails, btw. I’ve been less than elegant lately. I’m definitely in a rut…

3. Macarons from Financier Patisserie. I try to grab some sweet treats on my way back to the Hudson Valley each Sunday or Monday, when I’m passing through Grand Central. They’re a pricey and decadent indulgence, but worth it.

I mentioned I’ve been drinking a little too much wine, so you’ll see a lot of wine glasses in this post. Sorry! My favorite little bar in BK is Left Hand Path. Be sure to check them out when you’re in town.

Rooftop sunsets are the best. We’ve been trying to sit on the roof whenever possible to enjoy the evenings in the open air. It’s still pretty chilly, but it’s relaxing sitting up here watching the J train go by.

Cinnamon coffee on a rainy morning. I love when E makes us coffee. 🙂

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The bodega on the corner has the best pistachio muffins (but they’re almost disturbingly green). They go well with the cinnamon coffee!

Fun fact: I’m apartment hunting right now. I saw this place one afternoon and fell in love, but it went off the market. The search continues.

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Let’s head back to the woods…

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Spring in the Hudson Valley is always beautiful. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, cute cupcakes…

Lounging with Guinness is good for the soul.

A sunny Easter Sunday.

How cute are these cupcakes?

One of the coolest upgrades at mom and dad’s? The Soda Stream! This thing makes seltzer. And we drink a lot of seltzer, so this has been pretty novel.

We celebrated Grandma Janet’s birthday!

One of my favorite evenings was when we all went out for dinner together in town.

My work station (and anime-binging station). If you haven’t seen Garden of Words, go find it and watch it now. It’s probably the most beautiful anime I’ve ever seen.

My lazy spring uniform most days…

The roses on the porch began blooming, hinting at summer…

I bought a cute succulent and a few plants in town when I went grocery shopping with mom one afternoon. I love this little guy (but sadly he didn’t survive).

Hanging out with little Otto has been one of the best parts of being home. He loves to run into the room and hang out with me while I work. He’s a giggly little dude!

I’ve spent a lot of time working on podcasts, blog posts, and other content for on Day Job Optional. I’m hoping to relaunch it this summer, but I find myself procrastinating and second-guessing myself.

Actually, overall, it’s been a really productive spring. I’ve also been hitting the gym with mom almost every evening. I’m proud of our progress, though I undo a lot of it on the weekends…

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One day Eduardo surprised me with a bouquet of roses delivered to the house. 😍🌹 It was such a sweet surprise.

This time in the Hudson Valley, while still visiting the city each weekend, has been a really valuable time for me to reflect on what I want the next chapter of my life to look like… And spring is a great season for that kind of reflection, too.

Despite my anxiety, there have been many lovely moments in daily life that provide a mental break from my own thoughts. Brendan’s veggie burgers have become a delightful part of my afternoon routine, for example.

I love when we make food together and hang out in the kitchen for a few minutes before he has to run after Otto (the precious mischief-maker). B always gives recommendations for movies to watch or we chat about our projects. That’s the kind of stuff I really miss while living in the city.

When I move back to the city, I’m going to miss this little peanut!

And this peanut, too!

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But I’ll be back to visit often, of course. And for now, I haven’t even found an apartment yet!

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Cheers to a beautiful spring.

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Let’s see what kind of surprises summer brings…






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