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Shine Bright Like A Diamond-Shaped Cocktail Glass

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Spring is feeling rather summery here in the Hudson Valley, but I’m definitely not complaining. Am I the only one who doesn’t realize just how gloomy winter gets until it’s over? Each spring I feel like I’ve been reborn into a brand new human. New goals, new projects, new inspiration…

I know that’s considered the whole point of spring, but it really is a powerful effect. I was basically a stressed out basket case all winter long, and now I’m easing into the warm weather vibe like winter never happened. Actually, can we pretend that?

Anyway, now that the woods are turning green and the temperature is a nice, even 70 °F for most of the day, I’m spending as much of mine outside as possible. And trust me, it just wouldn’t be a chill day outside without a sweet little glass of pink moscato.

Thumbs Up sent me these crazy cute diamond-shaped whiskey glasses to try, but since I don’t do much hard whiskey drinking these days, I decided to test them out with a bottle of summery pink moscato instead. Yes, the ultimate girl drink is my favorite thing to indulge in when I’ve finished hours (and hours) of writing and I just want to unwind.

These little glasses held up to the task, but are they really worth the money? Check out my review below.

I think we can all agree that diamond-shaped glasses are aesthetically pleasing. They look chic on a bar cart or resting on an open shelf in your kitchen. Before this company contacted me, I’d been eyeing them on Amazon for months—maybe even a year!

I’m glad I got the chance to take these cute, gemstone-inspired tumblers for a test run… because I love ’em.

They serve as a cute modern touch to your kitchen and add an instant style factor to any table. The faceted edges catch the light as the drink takes a unique shape in your hand, making the whole sipping experience extra-festive. Think New Year’s Eve, engagement party, grown-up birthday party… They’re definitely occasion-oriented drinkware.

Actually, that brings me to my next point!

If you’re hosting and using these glasses, are they going to shatter in your guests’ hands?

When I was considering buying them a while ago, I was pretty worried about whether they were durable. They look delicate and even feel light when you hold them, but they’re curiously solid. Most importantly, I didn’t feel like they were going to shatter in my hands when I washed them.

Check out the top rim of this glass—it’s pretty thick.

Okay, so they’re cute. (Also, my mom loves them. In case you don’t know this, my mom is a tough customer for modern-looking things.)

But let’s talk about the experience of drinking from them.

As a faceted glass noob, I highly recommend pouring while these are securely resting on a flat surface. I continuously overpoured and spilled drinks on the counter for the entire first week of using them. Then I did it again while taking these photos.

They’re meant for a bit of whiskey at the bottom of the glass (a.k.a. for ~classy~ babes) but I like to drop in a few ice cubes and pour my moscato on top! If you’re attempting to make a full drink, definitely get used to the max level this glass can hold.

Sidebar: This green tea candle is my best friend right now. I have it burning next to me whether I’m writing, sketching, or just chilling out. I bought it with a rainwater candle from this shop on Etsy.

When I move back to Brooklyn, I’ll probably display these glasses on a kitchen shelf (or store them in their special geometric box) when they’re not in use.

Oh! And one more thing: while I was typing this, I thought of another use for them that might be fun. I know some of you don’t drink, so unless you want to fill ’em with ginger ale, here’s a fun idea…

Use them as an air plant terrarium! Brilliant, right?

Alright, I hope this little review inspires you to kick back with your favorite wine (or whiskey) in a fancy glass and enjoy spring. If you want a pair of these glasses for yourself, click here and grab a pair.

Maybe next I should review some pink moscato, and tell you guys which brand is the best for summer ’18. In fact, I have an idea already, but I wouldn’t mind a weekend of taste-testing. 😉

Happy spring lounging…


Disclaimer: I received these Diamond Glasses for free from the Thumbs Up company. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. I only review products I love, so click with confidence! Check out my Legal page for more details on brand collabs, etc, on Hey Mishka.



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