Halloween might be Wednesday, but we’re officially landing in Halloween weekend this evening! 🎃 Eeek!

Don’t know what you’re wearing? No problem. I tore through my closet and put together five fun costumes using things I already had laying around.

Now, some of these definitely did involve costume pieces from years past, but I’m willing to bet if you read my blog you’ve got a few random wigs, masks, and other fun things in your room, too.

We’re just those kinds of gals, amirite?!

I’ve noted below where I purchased things to add to the costume, along with the price, so you can see just how cheaply I put these together.

And while you might not be able to copy my costumes verbatim, I hope these will serve as inspiration for you to create your own!


Ready to dive in and trick-or-treat yourself to some no-fuss costumes?

Let’s go!

1. DIY Yourself-in-the-’90s Costume

last-minute-halloween-costumes-diy-90s-vintage-retro-lisa-frank (4)

The costume: I saw a Lisa Frank lunchbox on Etsy and threw me into a whirlwind of 90s nostalgia. I started daydreaming about the saturated colors and fun outfits I used to rock as a ’90s kid, so I couldn’t resist bringing back the look!

I happened to have purchased this vintage Adidas jacket last month—also from Etsy—which fit perfectly into the mix. Under the jacket is a 90s beach tank (shocker: also from Etsy… can you sense a theme?).

The slides and leggings are newer buys, as is the “scrunchie”, which is actually a workout headband I can use later. I tried not to buy anything superfluous for the sake of this post, which required some creative problem-solving for other costumes. This one was pretty easy though!


The cost: 

  • Vintage Lisa Frank lunchbox: $50 
  • Workout headband-turned-scrunchie: $5 from Duane Reade
  • Wet N wild purple lipstick: $2
  • Choker: (gift—previously owned)
  • Dragon Scales glitter gel: (previously owned—bought on Etsy) from Beauty Bar Baby
  • Vintage Adidas jacket: (previously owned) from AcidWave
  • Vintage Maui beach tank: (previously owned) from Twin Hearts Vintage
  • Leggings: (previously owned)
  • Adidas slides: (previously owned) from Urban Outfitters

Total costume cost: $57.00*

*Not including the stuff I already had. The lunchbox was the big ticket item here and not really a necessary prop for a rad ’90s costume. Just think color, sporty vibes, and high ponytails! 

2. DIY Solid Gold Cat Costume

last-minute-diy-halloween-costumes-sexy-cat (1)

The costume: Okay, I admit it. This one isn’t that imaginative… but it’s effective!

On Halloween last year—which was a Tuesday—I needed a chill costume to wear to the bar for some low key cocktails. I was watching the first Halloween episode of The Office, where Pam dresses like a cute cat… and I decided to roll with it.

This year I had to include it in my costume lineup since I already had this mask, a Cat Woman-worthy bodysuit, and all-black-every-thing-else. For my cat nose and whiskers, I used black liquid eyeliner. I had some pointed black press-on nails laying around from my birthday, so I added those with long black gloves.

Voila!… I mean, rawr!


The cost:

  • Glitter cat mask: (previously owned)
  • Earrings: (gift—already owned)
  • Choker: (gift—already owned)
  • Press-on nails: (previously owned)
  • Strappy bodysuit: (previously owned)
  • Leggings: (previously owned)
  • Ankle boot platforms: (previously owned)

Total cost: $0*

*In this case, I had everything I needed already, so I didn’t spend anything extra. 

3. DIY Space Babe Costume

last-minute-halloween-costume-diy-space-babe-cute (5)

The costume: There are an endless plethora of cute video game babes that inspired this one, from Ulala of Space Channel 5‘s to the whole cast of Bust A Groove. I will always hold a place in my heart for games where the whole point is dancing in space while looking cute. Consider this a galactic homage that somehow came out of my closet!

This costume is a mish-mosh of recently purchased clothing, a wig I bought for a different costume, and decorations left over from my birthday party.

Putting it all together was an aesthetically pleasing exercise in creating a dreamy pastel palette with hints of glitter and iridescent shine. Basically, the way I wish I dressed all the time.


The cost:

  • Pastel purple wig (previously owned, but did buy it for Halloween so…) $20 from Amazon
  • Pink windbreaker jacket (previously owned)
  • Sequin dress (previously owned) from Fashion Nova
  • Iridescent party bulbs (previously owned) from Urban Outfitters
  • Dragon Scales glitter gel: (previously owned—bought on Etsy) from Beauty Bar Baby
  • Gold heels (previously owned) from Fashion Nova

Total cost: $20*

*Just the wig! I technically did buy one accessory to make this look pop, but it didn’t arrive in time. 

4. DIY Millennial Pink Costume

last-minute-halloween-costumes-diy-millennial-pink (3)

The costume: Millennial pink has been the color of the moment for a couple of years now, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This pleases me very much… because this pale, almost-mauve hue is actually my favorite color.

I put this costume together by dragging all of the pastel pinks from my closet and seeing which would look the most tonal. I ended up using rose gold, mauve, and pure pastel pink to pull the look off. I topped it off with my favorite wool hat and new FILA tote.

Finally, I had some pink press-on nails sitting around and I picked up what should have been a matte pink lipstick. It looks more like a rosy-magenta, though.


The cost:

  • Wool hat: (previously owned) from Lack of Color
  • Pink denim jacket: (previously owned)
  • Rose gold metallic dress (previously owned)
  • FILA bag: (previously owned) from Urban Outfitters
  • Press-on nails (previously owned)
  • Pink Puma sneakers (previously owned)
  • Lipstick: $3.99

Total cost: $3.99*

*Only lipstick was purchased for this costume! I do happen to own a lot of pink. You might want to go tonal and dress as your favorite color.

5. DIY Boujee Mime Costume


The costume: Why be a mime when you can be a boujee mime, dripping in jewels? Okay, to be fair, this costume came to be because I knew I had striped clothing and white foundation from last Halloween… but didn’t have enough to make a standard mime costume.

I added a twist with rhinestone costume jewelry, borrowed a beret from my roommate, and went for the bright red lip. My favorite part, though? The brows! I have transparent Scandinavian brow hair, so Halloween is when I get to live out my dreams of having insta-brows.

The last piece of the puzzle was a pair of white gloves. I didn’t want to buy anything I’d never use again, so these are actually exfoliating shower gloves.


The costume:

  • Beret: (borrowed from roommate)
  • Red vegan lip stain: (previously owned) from Jeni Retro
  • White foundation: (previously owned) from Manic Panic
  • Various rhinestone costume jewelry: (previously owned from my Downtown Abbey costume)
  • Vintage Forenza sweatshirt: (previously owned) from Enid And Edgar
  • Striped dress: (previously owned)
  • Black leggings: (previously owned)
  • Shower gloves: $3.99 

Total cost: $3.99*

*Not bad for a total mime makeover!

There were a few honorable mentions or costume ideas that didn’t quite come to fruition… but these were the ones I’d actually wear out on Halloween! It’s nice to know I can whip open my closet and pull out a costume anytime I need one.

I hope this showed you that you can do the same!

Which last minute DIY Halloween costume is your fave? Drop a comment below!


Until next time…

Creep it real and Happy Halloween! 👻




Written by Mishka
Michelle Christina (a.k.a. Mishka) founded in 2008 while studying fashion design at FIT. She has since documented her love of DIY, thrifting, and joy-infused living here. Fueled by strong coffee and faerie lights, she also trains freelance writers at Freelance Writing Cafe, vlogs at Hey Mishka TV and writes digital marketing copy for some of the world's biggest brands.