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50 Non-Crucial 2019 Goals & Life Update

Hey Mishka - 2019 Goals - Michelle Christina Larsen

I gotta say, 2019 has kicked off on a creative, lively note—and yet I’ve also had ample time to work on creative projects!

If I were living in a cute dark-wood hued two-story house with full wall windows in the mountains (with three dogs), I’d have achieved my ideal life balance.

Alas, most of that is a work-in-progress.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about goals lately, as I shuffle them around in Asana and attempt to organize my days. I have these scary, bolded “must-do” goals listed out, but I want to make more room for fun, seemingly superfluous goals this year: things like drawing and sketching more, finishing the short story I’ve been working on for a year, learning to make macarons…

These things aren’t monetized or part of any greater plan. They’re just extracurriculars, but I want to start prioritizing them. I thought I’d write out the full list to reference (and share, in case you want to steal any) and then check back in to see how I’m doing every quarter or so.

Will you guys keep me accountable?

Also, I’ve added a life update below. I don’t do that often enough. 😉

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50 Things I Want To Do In 2019

1. 50 DIY projects for Hey Mishka (adding completed DIY’s below!)

  1. 3 Amor-Inspired DIY Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes

2. Develop “characters” for my drawing blog, Pink Moon Cafe

3. Make a new dress

4. Get a new tattoo

5. Drink hot cocoa in a ski chalet

6. Collect & press fall leaves

7. Make custom illustrated stickers

8. Make custom illustrated temp tattoos

9. Find a new signature perfume for summer

10. Find a new signature perfume for fall

11. Create a dreamy spring lookbook for Hey Mishka Vintage

12. …and an even dreamier summer lookbook

13. Grow herbs to use in recipes

14. Rewatch Sailor Moon, start to finish (probably not in one weekend… heh heh heh)

15. Rewatch Sailor Moon R & Super-S movies

16. Go to Europe

17. Go to Mexico

18. Winter writing retreat with the girls

19. Take a kickboxing glass (or a regular boxing class)

20. Wear more nail art! (I’m super in love with the creative press-on designs you can find on Etsy)

21. Take photos with a disposable camera

22. Get a restored vintage record player

23. Get rid of another 2-3 bags of stuff from my apartment (this will probably happen anyway when I’m moving in the spring)

24. Girl date at Bibble & Sip (they have Totoro macarons!)

25. Donate more than last year:

26. Host 3 Rose Gold Dinner Club gatherings

27. Build something for my room (shelf, bed platform, end table? We’ll see!)

28. Launch my online course at Day Job Optional

29. Learn to make macarons

30. Host a Studio Ghibli movie night with the girls

31. Make my Halloween costume

32. Send cute hand-made Christmas cards

33. Do VLOGMAS for the first time

34. Watch a few famous movies I’ve never seen (you’ll scream if I tell you which haha)

35. Learn to bake some cocoa-inspired treats

36. Visit The Cloisters

37. See the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

38. Visit the MET with my brother (he has a membership, so we can go after-hours!)

39. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival

40. Finish writing my short story

41. Finish writing my novella

42. Re-launch my Hey Mishka DIY supply shop on Etsy

43. Dye my hair pink (a tribute to my 15-year-old self)

44. Host a BBQ

45. Take the Rockaway beach bus (the existing bus is shut down but I’m sure another will pop up in time for summer)

46. Have summer brunch at Juliette

47. Teach a free freelance writing workshop

48.  Find an excuse (other than Halloween) to wear an extremely fancy dress

49. Go to VandalRussian Tea RoomPietro NoLita, Chinese Tuxedo, and Indochine

50. …actually, publish a fun guide of places to go in NYC! I’ve been wanting to do that for years. Maybe it’ll happen this year. 😉

So, as far as life updates…

After facing some tough personal challenges this past year, I feel more ready than ever to carve 2019 into my (actual, for real) best year ever. *hair flip*

Even saying that feels eye-rolly—and at the same time, scary—but I actually feel it.

I’m eager to bring a better version of myself out into the world and exhibit more integrity in the things I do. To make plans and keep them. To treat people with kindness more often, even when it’s on a crowded train and my blood is boiling and someone is stepping on my brand new white sneakers…


I want to face the tough moments head-on and celebrate the good days without hesitation.

I want to revive the healthy habits I used to consider second nature.

Also, I’d like to find some peace within myself while I work toward physical and health-related goals. ‘Cause the whole disliking myself thing? It’s nothing but wasted energy, and I’ve only actually been on that wagon for a few years… but I’m ready to get off.

2019-goals-hey-mishka (4)

I’m looking forward to finishing more projects than not. Drawing, painting, traveling, celebrating, working, and dreaming more.

Do I sound like someone’s Pinterest mood board? Maybe. I don’t care.

I’ve been thinking about these things for years, but I was buried in layers of guilt and confusion about my life.

Things feel a little more clear and fresh now.

Despite the anxiety, despite the uncertainty, I feel like I have a chance to create my own circumstances this year, whereas, in the past, I’ve been tethered to the circumstances of others.

So, that’s my slightly vague and yet more-revealing-than-usual personal update!

How are you feeling, now that we’re a month into 2019?

What are you working on?

2019-goals-hey-mishka (1)

Other things are happening, too!

After KonMari-ing my apartment, it’s back to looking like a scattered mess. Just trying to be real here.

The good news? My decluttering kick was replaced by my DIY kick just in time. 😉

I’ve been recording videos for a series of upcoming DIY’s with my honorary little sis, Erin, and I’m super excited to unleash them on the Hey Mishka Youtube Channel (go subscribe)!

2019-goals-hey-mishka (14)

A little preview of the DIY fun coming your way.

Upcoming videos include three kinds of amazing v-day cocktails and handmade v-day gifts for your friends and lovers!


Other than the above, I’ve been working on client projects remotely (work from home life = the best), cruising Etsy for vintage ski sweatshirts, and trying to drink at least one cup of green tea per day. 🍃🍵

So, that sums it up.

I know this was a bit of a late NYE-style post, but I needed a month to collect my thoughts and let a few things simmer. Now I can honestly say I’m looking forward to this year.

I may look back and shake my head, but …I’ve tried being worried about the future. Now I’m trying optimism!

Come hang out on Instagram (check my story highlights for moments from Sarah Caye‘s adorbs clothing swap) and let me know what you’ve been up to, and what your own hopes/dreams/goals are for 2019.

No project is too frivolous, no creative task too superfluous. Let’s do what makes us happy this year!


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