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24 Perfect Pairs of Vintage Heart-Shaped Earrings


Who says girls don’t buy themselves heart-shaped jewelry? I mean, Pam says it on The Office when she’s unraveling a scandal, but she’s way off. I adore heart-shaped earrings—and the bolder, the better!

They make a great statement accent for Valentine’s Day (or any day), but since cupid’s b-day is upon us, I rounded up my favorite vintage heart-shaped earrings on Etsy for you to browse.

They range from around $10 to $100, so there’s something for everyone. Bonus points! Buying vintage is more eco-friendly (and fun) than grabbing the latest fast-fashion trend from a major retailer. Give it a shot!

Here are 24 perfect pairs of vintage heart-shaped earrings to try.

Heart-Shaped Vintage Earrings Under $15


1. Black and White Heart Earrings ($10)

2. Pink Plastic X’s and 0’s Heart Dangle Earrings ($10)

3. 80s Paint Splattered Heart Earrings ($8)


4. 80s Metallic Heart Dangle Statement Earrings ($9)

5. Mondrian-Inspired Heart Dangle Earrings ($12)

6. 80s Heart Hoop Post Earrings ($11)

Heart-Shaped Vintage Earrings Under $25


1. Oversized Gold Wire Dangle Earrings ($25)

2. 50s Heart Rose Lucite Screw Back Earrings ($18)

3. Laurel Burch Enamel Dove Heart Earrings ($19)


4. 80s Mod Heart Shaped Dangle earrings ($16)

5. Jacky de G of Paris Clip on Earrings ($21)

6. Jewel Tone Gems Clip On Heart Earrings ($19)


Heart-Shaped Vintage Earrings Under $50


1. Cubic Zirconia Heart Drop Earrings ($34)

2. Heart Spiral Earrings in Heavy Gage Sterling ($33)

3. Black Enamel & Gold Tone Clip On Earrings ($26)


4. Be My Baby Heart Earring Set ($28)

5. 80s Gold Tone Heart Door Knocker Earrings ($33)

6. Laurel Burch Heart Shaped Cat Earrings ($34)


Heart-Shaped Vintage Earrings Under $100


1. Hammered Sterling Silver 3 Hearts Dangle Wire Earrings ($70)

2. Sterling 925 Signed Dangling Red Coral Heart Earrings ($95)

3. 80s Etruscan Revival Gilded Heart Dangle Earrings ($60)


4. Tiny Estate 14k Gold Puffy Heart Earrings ($56)

5. Givenchy-Logo Heart Shaped Pierced Earrings ($75)

6. Erwin Pearl Heart Shaped Clip Earrings, Signed ($100)

A few things to remember when buying vintage…

 It’s vintage! That means it’s at least twenty years old. Don’t expect a brand new item to arrive in the mail—though many pieces, especially jewelry, may look brand new.

 Thoroughly read descriptions, shop policies, and all of the information presented in each Etsy sellers’ shop. Many don’t offer the same ridiculous (*ahem*… I mean modern) policies we’re spoiled by, like no-questions-asked-returns, and overnight shipping, etc.

 Ask questions before you buy to avoid frustration on either side of the transaction.

 If you love a piece, spread the love! Etsy shops are small businesses and they rely on word-of-mouth from happy customers. Wear your new vintage piece and tag their shop on Instagram so others can find them too.

Okay, I’m off my vintage soap box. I hope you enjoyed browsing these beautiful finds. I actually had to replace some mid-way through making the post because they sold out. If you like something, don’t hesitate! They’re goin’ like hotcakes.

Also, if you want to buy me a gift for v-day, you now have this convenient cheat sheet! 😉 Go forth, buy heart-shaped earrings, and have an amorous day!





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