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Apartment Hunting in NYC & Loving My Vintage Forenza Jacket

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Heavy rain and warmer temperatures are here, which means it’s spring time in Brooklyn! We’re apartment hunting (again) and my favorite annual activity deserves a bright and cheery uniform.

I decided to break out my vintage Forenza jacket (my favorite transitional layer) and pair it with a vintage Busch Gardens tank and a long vintage skirt—which is also Forenza, actually.

I went to Busch Gardens as kid and I had what you would call an irrational obsession with Siberian tigers. My older brother and I had matching shirts that look kind of like this one, so I when I saw it on Etsy it was an obvious “Add to cart”. <3

vintage-forenza-jacket-apartment-hunting (2)

(Can you tell I’m kinda tired?)

Treasure hunting and uncovering gems like this one is one of the many reasons I love shopping for vintage clothing! Second-hand is sentimental, better for the planet, and lets you build a more unique wardrobe.

I have a few more reasons here as well:

Clothing Karma: 5 Undeniably Good Reasons to Buy Vintage Clothes

Meanwhile, the apartment hunt continues. Much like my wardrobe, I like to switch up apartments whenever things start to feel stagnant or I just don’t feel like I’m being the best version of myself. When I do find a place that feels like home, I’ll do my best to stay…

It’s been hard to find that feeling of “home” for the past few years. I’m trying to be patient with myself and this city that I love so much. I like to say I’ve lived many “lifetimes” here since moving in 2005, making my Brooklyn-born mama proud. But that’s probably because I’ve had more living arrangements than I can count.

There’s no denying it can be a perplexing place, and every few years your sense of “home” can be uprooted completely. It’s best to stay dynamic and adaptable. Especially if you crave that feeling of home like I do.

“Home” is actually one of the most important things in the world to me.

Anyhow, for now, the search continues…

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