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Thrifting at the Biggest Yard Sale in New York

thrifting in new york - stormville airport yard sale - hey mishka blog

Did you know there’s a yard sale in Dutchess County that is the literal size of an airport runway?

That’s because this incredible twice-yearly event actually uses an airport runway as its home. For one day only in June and September, the Stormville Airport’s Ultimate Family Yard Sale packs full of vendors and second-hand shoppers eager to keep the cycle of material possessions going.

The reason this event is so magical, in my opinion, is that it isn’t a flea market (they do have a flea market version of this, too, if that’s your thing).

Instead, it’s a bunch of families driving Uhaul trucks full of their stuff to one location and hanging out all day.

thrifting in new york - stormville airport yard sale - hey mishka blog2

The result is an incredible range of wares, from rare vintage musical instruments to ornate antique furniture, kitschy records, decadent scarves, cheap (and amazing) jewelry, home decor, toys, holiday fanfare and so much more.

I have kept my attendance a secret for some time because, let’s face it—I’m a middle child and a recovering hoarder of pretty things. But now I’m ready to share.

Browsing this yard sale has led me to find some of the most incredible gems, from a $5 peacock chair (that’s not a typo), to my favorite beaded curtains, gorgeous gold-framed mirrors, vintage tiki bar signs, stunningly beautiful lamps, and so much more.

This year, I shopped a little bit lighter, and I’ll explain why in the video.

Check it out below—and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for thrifting, DIY, and more.

Where is your favorite place to thrift and second-hand shop in New York?





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