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A Moody Fall Vlog & Some Major Fall Aesthetic

A moody fall vlog ~ autumn aesthetic ~ hey mishka

Hiiii, it’s your friendly neighborhood Libra, creeping around Brooklyn with my coffee cup clenched close, eyes scanning for dried leaves to collect…! My favorite season is here and it’s helping me unscramble some of the madness that summer put in my head.

I vlogged about it, so if you’d like to know what’s on my mind, you can find it in this video—along with some soothing fall atmosphere captured in New York. It’s probably the most honest and candid I’ve ever been on video, actually.

I also touch on the concept of documenting your life, and why that matters, even for those of us who aren’t losing memories to sleep deprivation.

I hope you’re considering doing your own vlog or scrapbook or whatever lights you up. But we’ll talk more about that soon.

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How has fall been treating you, friend?





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