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Halloween Vlog: 3 Parties in Brooklyn + DIY Cat Costume


Halloween was wild this year, for one simple reason: It fell on a Thursday.

What significance would that have, you ask?

Even during a regular year, NYC tends to get a bit bananas about this particular holiday. If one were so inclined, one could spend a solid week celebrating.

When Halloween is on a Thursday, however, there’s such a debate about whether parties should happen the weekend before or after that they end up spanning both. What you essentially get is nearly two full weeks of Halloween fun!

I made multiple costumes for multiple parties and danced the night away with friends. The city was buzzing with creepy energy—in a good way, ha.

In addition to being the nerd at the party who had to vlog the whole experience, I threw in a little last-minute DIY cat costume I pulled together for the finale. I hope you enjoy!

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