The November Vlogs - Part 1 - Freelance Work From Home Routine

Greetings from chilly Brooklyn!

I’ve been vlogging my way through November as a way of keeping my sanity under a mountain of client work—and figuring out my creatively confused life. My suspicions were correct: it’s extremely cathartic, even though it’s not “perfect”.

It kind of reminds me of busting out the scrapbooking box and pasting photos, twigs, and tape onto a page. Except, it moves!

Today I’m showing you what it’s like when I work from home, from my morning routine to the basic makeup routine that literally on one asked to see.

Do I hit my deadlines? Do I clean my desk? Do I remember to shower…? You may think (some of) these questions are ridiculous, but when you’re your own boss, keeping track of everything you need to accomplish in one day can be something of a mind frack.

You’ll have to watch and find out…

I feel confident that this video will smash whatever preconceptions you had about the work from home freelance life being glamorous. 😉

What do you guys want to see next? Drop a comment on the video—and of course, subscribe to the Hey Mishka YouTube channel/hit the bell for alerts when I upload each week. I have a lot of fun making these videos, so I’d love to hear your feedback.

Off to plan my schedule for the next few days (with a v. strong cup of coffee in hand).




Written by Mishka
Michelle Christina (a.k.a. Mishka) founded in 2008 while studying fashion design at FIT. She has since documented her love of DIY, thrifting, and joy-infused living here. Fueled by strong coffee and faerie lights, she also trains freelance writers at Freelance Writing Cafe, vlogs at Hey Mishka TV and writes digital marketing copy for some of the world's biggest brands.