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Vlogmas 2019! Episode 2 | Moscow Ballet & Touristy Holiday Fun in NYC

vlogmas episode 2 touristy christmas holiday things to do in nyc

The second installment of vlogmas 2019 is here—and it’s nothing if not tourist-friendly! Don’t let the usual lineup of holiday activities deter you “f*** 5th avenue” types, however, because this vlog has some lesser-known wonders to explore as well.

Watch it now or read some spoilers below before you jump in.



First, come hang out with mom and I as we venture to a theater deep in Brooklyn to see the Moscow Ballet perform The Nutcracker!

I had been browsing local performances and by chance found out that the Moscow Ballet would be in New York for one weekend only. We got awesome seats at the historic Kings Theater where the interior is just as ornate as the costumes on stage.

You may not know this, but back in 2008, this blog was actually called “Tchaikovsky Darling” after my deep love of all things Nutcracker-related. It’s a long story, but the obsession persists. Needless to say, the show was incredible. You’ll get a quick but thorough taste of it in the vlog.

The day after the ballet, mom drove back into the city and we checked out The New York Public Library’s Holiday Open House. Mom is a NYPL member and loves to spend time there looking through historical books, so this was a treat for both.

On display were Charles Dickens’ notebooks, writing desk, and other relics. The history nerd in me was clawing at the glass. I did not, however, get arrested for trying to break into the display cases. 😉

Afterward we did a few fun touristy things like seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center, having lunch at our favorite Grand Central-adjacent restaurant, and checking out the storefronts on Fifth Avenue.

My mom grew up in Brooklyn and didn’t get to do as many of those things as a kid, so we go as often as possible. It’s become a part of our holiday tradition.

Even though we’re not technically tourists, it’s fun to play tourist in this city sometimes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this vlogmas! Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos (hit the bell to be notified when I upload). My channel has been around for years but I am just starting to upload frequently again. Comments, Likes, and views boost me in the algorithm, so don’t be shy if you have fun watching! *wink wink*

Until the next festive vlog, stay warm out there.



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