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Christmas DIY Projects & Draw With Me

Christmas DIY holiday decor ideas - Hey Mishka

‘Tis the season to bust out the glue gun and glass glitter!

I’ve been listening to podcasts and lo-fi beats while crafting up a storm this season. It feels amazing to sit down and dedicate a few hours each week to pure creativity and festivity.

It’s been a little hectic (client work is always layered on thick around this time of year) but I wasn’t going to let another season pass by without making good on my words to create more.

And, of course, I filmed it all, too.

My favorite project this year was a bottle brush tree centerpiece created using some amazing miniatures from Etsy and a slab of wood my mom cut with her new chainsaw.

As a sidebar, I hope to someday know how to operate a chainsaw. 😉 Yanno, for the zombie apocalypse and all.

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I also tapped into my undying love of a timeless ’90s elementary school project… the diorama.

Once again sourcing adorable miniatures—and a vintage Barbie ornament—from Etsy, I put together a vintage-inspired wintry scene that lights up and brightens up the room.

Watch the process of making it here:

In addition to these DIY projects, I busted out my sketchbook and did some “draw with me” style videos where I sketch something and speed up the footage.

In both of the below videos, you can watch me sketch out some festive, wintry scenes and then color them in using watercolor pencils. This process was very therapeutic and reminded me how much I love drawing by hand.

Here’s the first. My camera angles aren’t great—still learning:

And here’s the second. This time the pencil is too light to view in the first part of the video but skip ahead and you’ll see it coming together.

I had such an epic list of crafts I was hoping to complete before the Christmas season was over, but I’m glad I got a few things made.

I’m also working on a very special project that will be filmed and posted sometime in the next couple of weeks, but it’s kind of a secret~

I hope you’re gearing up for a warm, cozy, creative holiday!

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