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Checking In: 50 Non-Crucial Goals for 2019

Back at the very start of this year, which feels like just yesterday—and also like 5 years ago—I posted about the 50 things I wanted to do this year that were non-crucial. I made this list because I felt like my big, important, “crucial” life goals were overshadowing some of the less intense things I wanted to do this year.

Also, I love making lists.

So, I listed out all of the things I thought would color my year in a bit. I wanted to have some new experiences and sink my teeth into some things I’d been curious about.

In the summer, however, I checked back in on this list in yet another blog post after experiencing some mental and emotional transformation at the hands of my mentors.

Long story short? I realized I was filling up my lists with things I didn’t actually need or want to do. A lot of it was clutter, added because I saw other people doing cool things and wanting to stamp my name on it, too.

I have a tendency to tack things onto my list for the wrong reasons. I get excited about things and I want to be a part of them. That’s why I thought it was important to go back through the list in this blog post and do an honest check-in with myself.

Were the things on the list actually important to me?

Did I even want to do them?

I considered each item carefully. Was it passion-fueled, fear-fueled, ego-fueled?

You can see my footnotes in that blog post linked just above, where I broke down some of the reasons I crossed things off the list. It was kind of fascinating to pry into the mind of former me from a few months ago (and I’m about to do the same right now to “summer me”).

So… how did I do?


50 Things I Want To Do In 2019

(Update: mere days from 2020)

1. 50 DIY projects for Hey Mishka

Summer commentary: I have done a few more DIYs, but I didn’t edit the videos. I kept telling myself I “needed” to create videos and tutorials each time I sat down to do something creative, and guess what! That sucks the joy out of it—especially when you have 100 other things going on. This was the first sign that I needed to break ties with my project addiction once and for all.

No doubt, I’ll keep doing sewing, crafting, and random DIY projects in the future. I just won’t force myself to hit a certain number or publish everything. Hey Mishka is a hobby, and I want to protect the muse that fuels it. 💃✨

December update: I love that I unconsciously drifted back toward DIY toward the end of the year. I think my love of DIY is centered around decor and holiday festivity. Something to keep in mind as I am planning my 2020 projects…?

2. Develop “characters” for my drawing blog, Pink Moon Cafe

Summer commentary: Same deal. I have to laugh at myself for turning my original goal of happily sketching each day (in an effort to tap back into my art and design school days) to create a fully branded online presence with the pressure of posting daily sketches. Once the ego takes over and corrupts a nice, whimsical creative habit, the fun is sucked out of it.

I’ve sketched almost nothing this year. I might, when I feel like it, but this should not be a “goal” as it was previously written.

December update: I ended up drawing more toward the end of the year, too. Is this because I should have been doing other work? Is this because festivity and holiday vibes bring out my creative side? Maybe a little bit of both. I think the most important thing I discovered here is that I rebel against set deadlines or mandatory prompts for creativity. It’s better if I just allow it to come and go from my life throughout the year.

3. Make a new dress

Summer commentary: I haven’t taken out my sewing machine! I’m hoping to have a sewing weekend with mom where we can each work on our projects. She turned my old bedroom into a sweet little sewing den.

December update: All of my sewing stuff was moved to the Hudson Valley when we moved into a new apartment late spring. Hoping to create a proper workroom in our new place once we move from this one (yep… moving again when this lease is up, I refuse to rest until we find the right living quarters. Why settle?).

4. Get a new tattoo

Summer commentary: Still on my list!

December update: I didn’t get around to getting the tattoo but I did finally finalize my design and sketch it on myself! It’ll be an update on my DIY tattoo. Can’t wait to share.

5. Drink hot cocoa in a ski chalet

Summer commentary: Still on my list! Winter is going to be fun. ❄️❄️

December update: I didn’t do any chalet lounging yet, but winter has only just begun. Perhaps in 2020? I’ve really fallen in love with the idea of winter stillness and extremely cozy moments frozen in time. 

6. Collect & press fall leaves

Summer commentary: Still on my list, and happening soon…? NYC has a heavy late summer heatwave that usually hits after you think it’s time to break out the fall sweaters. I’m loving the cool morning air right now, but I won’t be packing up my cutoff shorts and rompers just yet.

December update: Fall has come and gone and I didn’t do any pressing, but I did buy a box of winter tree sprigs off Etsy and I may press one between glass to hang in the kitchen. If I do, the DIY will be on my YouTube Channel!

7. Make custom illustrated stickers

Summer commentary: This little project got the ax because it was fueled by ego after seeing someone create adorable iridescent stickers on Etsy and thinking, “I could do that!”

December update: This seems like a fun future project I would like to do. Why not? I remember being kind of mad at myself for wanting to do this in the summer. Maybe I was overwhelmed mid-decluttering and it felt like a “clutter” project. But I bought some sweet custom stickers on Etsy that really inspired me as well as watched a vlog about the side-hustle of a successful Etsy sticker-maker. I promise I won’t try to turn it into a business… I’ll just try it out for fun. 

8. Make custom illustrated temp tattoos

Summer commentary: Same as above. Ciao, ego-goal!

December update: …Same deal as above! I don’t think it was an ego-driven moment of inspiration, after all. It was just something fun I wanted to do and these were supposed to be non-crucial goals. Then I felt the need to “declutter” my to-do list, so fun little things like this were dubbed superfluous. Obviously, I am at constant war with my muse. 

9. Find a new signature perfume for summer

Summer commentary: Found one! Love Beauty & Planet coconut water & mimosa flower showerless cleansing mist (I am obsessed)

December update: Now seeking a new spring perfume! Let me know if you smell anything good. 

10. Find a new signature perfume for fall

Summer commentary: Trying out a few options, will report back. 🍁

December update: I ended up wearing a mix of Tiki Tahiti coconut oil fragrance and some other subtle scents, but didn’t find a perfume. It was fine. I was recently gifted a Doterra “Passion” oil blend from Anastasia and it is probably going to be my official 2020 aroma. So sultry and fresh!

11. Create a dreamy spring lookbook for Hey Mishka Vintage

Summer commentary: So, this one took a while to come to terms with. I invested hundreds in securing inventory and producing a gorgeous photoshoot for Hey Mishka Vintage. I felt so-so-so proud of myself and so grateful for the time my little team put into making it happen. Friends and strangers were already asking me about buying the clothes.

But then, something strange happened. The amount of resistance I felt toward uploading that amazing new inventory? It was suffocating. The last thing I wanted to do was promote or sell anything, edit the gorgeous photos, or even look at the clothes. The realization that I was procrastinating created more heaviness, and it became an ugly little cycle I kept shoving to the back burner.

Eventually, it dawned on me for the first time: many of my creative endeavors have been sweet, innocent ideas that get swept up and reframed into ego-feeding monsters. Rather than just do something cool, like shop for and post vintage clothing finds on the blog when I feel like it, I felt that I needed to revive the vintage store I had in my 20s, outshine the other vintage shops on Etsy, and post new products on IG every day.

Um, what?! It may sound dramatic, but this is how I’ve been operating for my entire adult life: chasing beautiful distractions that satisfy the ego. One of the most profound revelations I have had this year is that I can let go of these billion ego-fueling projects… and focus on my heart-centered goals.

I may continue the Etsy shop in the future if it becomes a heart-centered goal, but right now? The shop is on vacay mode, and I’m distributing the inventory among friends. It feels amazing. ✌️

December update: I’m glad I closed my vintage shop, though I did manage to overwhelm myself with starting my vlog back up and doing a bunch of DIY projects this holiday season. I guess my brain demands I find time for Hey Mishka-related things! I may re-open a shop in the future that sells smaller-scale things. As fun as second-hand and vintage fashion is to style and sell, clothing inventory is a real challenge when you live in a small Brooklyn apartment.


12. …and an even dreamier summer lookbook

Summer commentary: See above.

December update: See above.

13. Grow herbs to use in recipes

Summer commentary: Um, maybe? 😂 I’ve come along way with other domestic goddess-type traits, so I’m not going to say it’s impossible.

December Update: I didn’t end up doing this. My parents joined a farm coop so I brought home veggies and herbs whenever I went upstate. I’m still very interested in this, though. Future domestic goals!

14. Rewatch Sailor Moon, start to finish (probably not in one weekend… heh heh heh)

Summer commentary: Totally doing this. Perfect end-of-summer viewing.

December update: I haven’t done this! Moving this goal to 2020. I did join a bunch of Sailor Moon-centric Facebook groups so my feed is full of Sailor Scout magic. 😉

15. Rewatch Sailor Moon R & Super-S movies

Summer commentary: Ditto.

December update: Same.


16. Go to Europe

Summer commentary: Europe trip is officially postponed to 2020. Currently slated: Italy in March, London in September.

December update: Travel plans are ever-changing, but right now it looks like Oaxaca in February (confirmed and booked), Paris in March (still debating—found a cool women’s writing retreat), and hopefully still London in September with mom (depends on a lot of factors). I also booked a trip to Havana in November with El Camino Travel. Not going to put too much pressure on travel this year. I have a few cool trips solidified and will put faith in things working out as they should.

17. Go to Mexico

Summer commentary: Booked! Heading to Oaxaca in February 2020! Also, fun fact: booking Cuba November 2020. 😍

December update: See above.

18. Winter writing retreat with the girls

Summer commentary: Not quite winter, but heading to Bermuda in November with Krystal for a long weekend of writing in paradise.

December update: I spent a lot of time with the girl gang this year and I’m massively grateful for the time I spent with them. We didn’t do any kind of writing retreat, but we did all kinds of fun little things, including a productivity/goals check-in, house parties, etc. Krystal and I didn’t end up doing our Bermuda trip as life got in the way and the end of the year became exceptionally hectic. We’ll find the perfect time for a mini writing escape. Again, not putting pressure on things this year.

girl gang hey mishka

19. Take a kickboxing glass (or a regular boxing class)

Summer commentary: Definitely still want to do this. It’s out of my comfort zone, which I haven’t admitted in the past, but I feel like it’s my cup of tea. The kind of tea that includes punching things.

December update: I stuck with basic cardio this year (not as much as I should have, mind you) but we did drive past a kickboxing gym here in Brooklyn on the way to the Hudson Valley for Christmas! We were stopped at a light and I got to watch the very satisfying-looking action going down inside. I am definitely going to try this out in 2020.

20. Wear more nail art! (I’m super in love with the creative press-on designs you can find on Etsy)

Summer commentary: I’m actually moving away from this, but sometimes I like to get fancy around the holiday season. I find that I can type—and function in general—a little better if I am not wearing nails.

December update: I had plenty of fun with sparkly press-on nails this year, but it is one of the things I am trying to phase out of my life. I have this big bag of fake nails that get leftover from when I buy new sets and it just feels like clutter. It would be just as nice to get a non-toxic gel manicure (there’s a place in Greenpoint I’ve been wanting to try that does this) once per month or so. Beauty upgrades are something I am still figuring out how to fit into my life as I’ve never been a particularly glamorous gal.

21. Take photos with a disposable camera

Summer commentary: Fall photo-ops imminent! 📸

December update: Oh dang, I should buy one for New Year’s Eve! But also, no rush. I can do this in 2020. I’ll have to see if there are any eco-friendly options. Throwing away a plastic camera post-use is not the most environmentally friendly practice.

22. Get a restored vintage record player

Summer commentary: Working on finding one! E wants to get one, too.

December update: Not vintage per say, but E got me a gorgeous fuchsia record player for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I just ordered the Chillhop 2019 winter mix on vinyl and I *cannot* wait for it to arrive…

23. Get rid of another 2-3 bags of stuff from my apartment (this will probably happen anyway when I’m moving in the spring)

Summer commentary: I got rid of way more than that. I’m finally on the road to minimalist-inspired living. I have a long way to go, but the wiring in my brain is finally lending itself to waaay better consumption and organizational habits. Also, we moved to an adorable apartment and signed a year lease! It’s been about 5 years since I lived anywhere for more than 8 months, and most apartments I’ve been in over the past few years have been less than half year stays. It feels good to be stationary for a bit.

December update: The decluttering has continued in a massive way. I find that it is best to do it in smaller waves so that you can keep refining your possessions without experiencing mild trauma or anxiety afterward. If I were to pile up what I’ve gotten rid of this year, I think it would easily fill my entire bedroom up to the ceilings. It’s time for me to stop shopping, cold turkey, and just enjoy the things I own. *stares down self in the mirror* I mean it!

24. Girl date at Bibble & Sip (they have Totoro macarons!)

Summer commentary: Forgot about this one! I am still freelancing for a client 1/2 of the week nearby, so I’m going to arrange a latte & pastry date, stat.

December update: I didn’t do this one because I went fully remote after summer. It is hard to talk me into going into the city if I don’t have to be there. 😉 But I am working on this, too. I need to get back into the habit of taking advantage of the place I live in! Also, girl dates with cute pastries are always worth it. I should make a point of scheduling one per month.

year end check in - hey mishka - diy creative living - michelle christina larsen 2019 2

25. Donate more than last year:

Summer commentary: I’ve already donated to various causes more than last year (it wasn’t a huge amount to eclipse). But I hope to give plenty more before the year ends. There are so many causes that need funding and people who need help, from the indigenous tribes of the (currently burning) Amazon rainforest to local NYC families. I wish I could do more, right now. 😭😭 I’m putting it out into the universe that I will become massively wealthy so that I can channel more resources to the right people!

December update: This year I also began giving a monthly recurring donation to Galgos Del Sol, one of the most incredible dog sanctuaries in the world with a unique mission of helping abandoned Spanish hunting dogs (galgos and podencos). This is where Krystal adopted her beautiful pup Alba, one of the most tranquil and beautiful creatures you will literally ever meet. I hope I can adopt my own wacky galgo someday!

26. Host 3 Rose Gold Dinner Club gatherings

Summer commentary: I’ve shut down this dinner club to put more focus on my main goal this year. I’d still love to host more dinners, but again: ego project! I don’t really need to fully brand and become ringleader to a gathering of my female friends. We can have dinner, talk shop, and come together without it having a name or a theme.

December update: I think we had more girl gang gatherings than ever this year, which was a triumph. I love the dinner club idea but I think I was indeed getting too far from the idea of just spending quality time and instead obsessing over themes and decor, etc. Krystal, Erin, Sarah, Maya and I started a group chat and it has resulted in some of the best moments of 2020, to be honest. Why didn’t we do that sooner? #millennialproblems 

27. Build something for my room (shelf, bed platform, end table? We’ll see!)

Summer commentary: This sounds fun but I’m just going to hire a carpenter if I need one. 😁

December update: Ummm, same. But I do think I need to take a basic carpentry class and maybe even some more advanced classes so I can learn how to properly build and repair things. When we buy our house (eventually), I want to be a proper weekend warrior.

28. Launch my online course at Day Job Optional

Summer commentary: Woah! I guess I forgot how recently this switch was because it feels so established now, but DJO was lovingly packed away so that the Freelance Writing Cafe could be born! This new site will house thorough training and all kinds of resources to help freelance writers grow low-stress careers. I’m really, really happy with the way it’s evolving. It’s currently under construction, but now that I’ve picked off these little ego-projects, I will have a lot more time to dedicate to making it real.

December update: I spent a lot of time on Freelance Writing Cafe this year and still managed not to launch my course by now. I have it outlined and the beta partially produced (and I held a very successful challenge in my Facebook group, too, resulting in a list of people who are waiting to sign up for the course). But overall? So disappointed in myself! I have to own this. This is the direct result of mismanaged time, hesitation, procrastination and letting distractions creep in. I’m going to smash this pattern and launch this bitch, stat. (It has helped reading Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done by Jon Acuff).

29. Learn to make macarons

Summer commentary: I’ve learned to make a lot of other amazing things this year, but macarons might not happen. I’m taking baby steps.

December update: I did end up learning quite a few new recipes this year, but I focused on lunch/dinner menu items and less on new baking techniques. We own a proper kitchen’s worth of baking supplies now, though, so I may dive into this macaron adventure prior to my Paris trip…?

30. Host a Studio Ghibli movie night with the girls

Summer commentary: Erin and I have seen all of the Studio Ghibli fest movies in theaters this year! Maya even joined us to see Kiki’s Delivery Service. I didn’t even know that was happening when I wrote this goal down. Talk about manifesting. 🤓✨✨

December update: We missed the final movie! But we definitely made a lot of memories seeing the other movies this year. I have to take a moment to recommend Studio Ghibli films to virtually anyone and everyone. If you’ve never seen one, go now. You’ll quite literally feel your inner child reawaken, even if you thought it was lost forever. Ghibli films will be streaming online in 2020!

“Is someone different at age 18 or 60? I believe one stays the same.”
― Hayao Miyazaki

studio ghibli whisper of the heart 1


31. Make my Halloween costume

Summer commentary: Will this happen!? Maybe. I mean, Halloween is my jam, but I have no idea what I want to dress up as this year.

December update: I did it! Twice! And I vlogged it all right here (sidebar: Subscribe to my YouTube channel for DIY, festivity, and creative living! I upload 1-2x per week.)

32. Send cute hand-made Christmas cards

Summer commentary: I really want to send handmade cards this year, but I’m grappling with the fact that many cards get tossed. Buying paper products for whimsical reasons also contributes to the destruction of forests, etc. I may send a few to close friends. I need to think about it a little more.

December update: I am currently lamenting not having made cards, but mom suggested I make New Year’s Eve cards. Also, I got these gorgeous cards in the mail from Wendy, a talented artist who I met through my Sugar x Spice Holiday Makers Market. I’ve been obsessed with her earmuffs girl illustration since it came out and I’m definitely going to be ordering more. Check out her work here!

happy new year 2020 cards - wendyfae art - hey mishka

33. Do VLOGMAS for the first time

Summer commentary: I probably…won’t? I just want to enjoy the holidays this year. I’m not that worried about vlogging them.

December update: I. DID. IT! 😍 Talk about a plot twist, I didn’t even realize I had decided against this in the summer! But I made a whole series of vlogmas episodes and it was so much fun. 

34. Watch a few famous movies I’ve never seen (you’ll scream if I tell you which haha)

Summer commentary: I saw one, and I’m calling this one complete! I don’t have a lot of time for movies at the moment.

December update: I didn’t watch a ton of movies this year, but I was big on watching YouTube creators and Twitch streamers. Is my attention span shortening, or do I just really like the creativity and resourcefulness behind DIY content? Probably a mixture of both.

35. Learn to bake some cocoa-inspired treats 

Summer commentary: I learned to make avocado cacao pudding and I feel like that counts.

December update: Yes, this still counts. That pudding was so insane and we ate it every day for weeks.

avocado cocoa pudding - hey mishka - recipes

36. Visit The Cloisters

Summer commentary: I should do this before it gets cold.

December update: I didn’t do it! Aaugh.

37. See the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

Summer commentary: We went early in the morning on the final weekend…and didn’t get in! Tickets were sold out—surprise, surprise. But I to hang out with my big brother and fam, got a cool Frida book, and finally got to chat with Dina from La Sirena, who I’ve been connected with on Facebook for years.

December update: Nothing to report here, except that I’m sad to have missed it. I really want to prioritize cool exhibits instead of waiting until the last minute to see them. Art school Mishka would be so ashamed!

38. Visit the MET with my brother (he has a membership, so we can go after-hours!)

Summer commentary: Planning this!

December update: Did it! Also, vlogged it. 😉 

39. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival

Summer commentary: Missed it this year, but there’s always next year. 🌸

December update: Nothing new to report here, but I feel like this event is a bit hyped up for me. I think I’d rather go when the blooms are peaking and not necessarily when they’re having the festival. We’ll see…

40. Finish writing my short story

Summer commentary: Honestly, I don’t know what story I was talking about here. There are so many unfinished pieces of fiction on my drive. I did bust out a short story from scratch one night, though… so, complete!

December update: There are still a lot of unfinished stories sitting on my hard drive. I also outlined two entirely new novels and started some monthly meetups with A to discuss plot structure and character development, etc (to be honest, we sometimes just laugh for two hours over cocktails). I feel neutral about my fiction-writing progress, though. This isn’t a major thing for me at the moment. (As I typed that, however, I felt a nagging need to get one of these done so I can prove to myself I know how to follow through on something. So, moving this one to 2020!)

41. Finish writing my novella

Summer commentary: Same as above? I’m working on a novel and have outlined another, but writing fiction is a delightful hobby for me and I don’t care when I finish these books. I will say that I’m proud of myself for consuming more books this year (including fiction) than I have in the past few combined!

December update: See above.

42. Re-launch my Hey Mishka DIY supply shop on Etsy

Summer commentary: Nope! Ego-tastic sidetracking goal. Donating all of this stuff to Materials For The Arts.

December update: This wasn’t necessarily ego-driven, it tied back to my love of DIY (which I was desperately trying to reconnect with somehow). I think I made the right move by donating this stuff to MFTA, however. I needed space to recalibrate and I did end up making some cute DIYs at the end of the year. 

43. Dye my hair pink (a tribute to my 15-year-old self)

Summer commentary: My hair is finally growing out after my hack job of early 2019. I really like my natural color… so I’m debating. I am unsure whether this is an ego-based goal inspired by other girls I’ve seen on IG (especially in the online business space—it’s like an instant way to stand out) or if it’s something I really want to wake up and see in the mirror each day. To be continued.

December update: I feel like my scalp health isn’t great and I need to do some work on restoring my hair strength before I do anything wild to it. Also, vlogging has actually made me realize that I really love my natural hair color. I think it’s the only one that truly complements my skin tone. I do think about this colorful hair stuff a lot, though. It’s not off the table!

44. Host a BBQ

Summer commentary: We’re kind of doing that on Sunday, sooo, done!

December update: We had a bunch of BBQs before we moved out of the apartment with the big back yard. Our grill has been sitting outside the front of our apartment (in our little stoop area) since we arrived to our new place in May. We did a couple BBQs upstate at my parents’ house, too. So, check!

45. Take the Rockaway beach bus (the existing bus is shut down but I’m sure another will pop up in time for summer)

Summer commentary: Went to Rockaway beach, sans-bus, but considering this done!

December update: Still valid!


46. Have summer brunch at Juliette

Summer commentary: Might be a fall brunch! But I still want to do this.

December update: Didn’t do it! Will get there eventually.

47. Teach a free freelance writing workshop

Summer commentary: Maybe…! Some exciting things happening in the freelance career mentorship department. I’m not going to force the timeline, though. I have complete faith that this will happen at the right time.

December update: This was a distraction goal I set to avoid launching my online course. Which is funny, because teaching in-person sounds WAY scarier! But I would still like to offer this and be a more engaged member of Brooklyn’s freelance community in 2020. 

48.  Find an excuse (other than Halloween) to wear an extremely fancy dress

Summer commentary: There are a few events coming up, like weddings and high tea—but if we’re talking allover sequins, I’ll need to keep looking.

December update: I wore a sequin skirt to Sarah’s Craftsmas party and a sequin duster to Erin’s cocktail party, so I think those count. I did buy several sequin dresses this year because, logic. I almost wore the emerald green one to House of Yes for their holiday dance party/show thing, but it was pouring rain and we decided not to go. Le sigh! Need more sequin-wearing opportunities in 2020.


49. Go to VandalRussian Tea Room, Pietro NoLitaChinese Tuxedo, and Indochine.

Summer commentary: I find it funny that the Russian Tea Room is on this list. I literally booked a reservation here last week. The others are still pending.

December update: I didn’t go to the others. I did finally go to Guadalupe Inn and I want to the Palm Court again! I need to branch out, though, and do some fancy dining next year.

50. …actually, publish a fun guide of places to go in NYC! I’ve been wanting to do that for years. Maybe it’ll happen this year. 😉

Summer commentary: Hahaha, nope! 😂😂 This is SUCH an ego goal it cracks me up. There are so many amazing guides to NYC out there. I don’t need to make my own. The actual work involved in creating something worth referencing makes me cringe (if you cringe at any point during the initial planning stages of a project, jump ship).

December update: I think this was, yet again, not necessarily ego-based but derived from a need to create content. I just had to find the right kind. I still think it would be neat to have a landing page on full of my recommendations for those visiting the city.


Damn! That was quite a list to go through.

It feels good to go back through my thoughts at the beginning and middle of the year. I was in a distinctly different headspace each time (including right now). I don’t think most of these were too wild or off the mark, and I got a lot done this year (crucial and non-crucial items). I’m putting the “APPROVED” stamp on this year as a whole.

Truth be told, I’ve been working on my 2020 “resolutions”—or, more accurately, some guidelines and goals—since November. I’m excited about the potential this new year seems to be riding in with… and I’m going to be kinder to myself this year when I navigate the path of creating and completing work.

I don’t think it’s productive to shout “EGO GOAL!” at myself every time something new pops up. I just need to learn how to separate exciting distractions (a.k.a. resistance) from my legitimate muse.

I’ll definitely be making a post about 2020 goals, though, so we’ll leave this here!

Are you taking some time to review your 2020 goals and review your past 12 months, too? I hope so! Drop a comment and let me know what one of your goals is for next year if you’d like to share. And definitely subscribe to my newsletter for updates as we officially roll into the ’20s!

Now I’m off to try on one of those sequin dresses so we can ring in the new decade properly…





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