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Vlogmas 2019! Episode 4 | Holiday DIY & High Tea at the Plaza

Vlogmas 2019! Episode 4 - Holiday DIY & High Tea at the Plaza

My vlogmas efforts have come to a head in the final installment. This last one is kind of epic (by my standards) at 20 minutes long. Editing it looked like this!

It was worth it though, to capture this festive finale. It includes cookie baking (and a vegan choco-chip cookie recipe), a breakdown of the wild ornaments created in the aforementioned video, Erin’s Christmas cocktail party, and even festive cleaning product reviews.

I meet mom at The Plaza Hotel for high tea (a favorite tradition of ours) and got to eat the adorable left-over pastries the next morning for breakfast. There’s also gift opening, traveling to the Hudson Valley to see family, cute dogs, and so much more!

It all wraps up on NYE.



Christmas in the Hudson Valley

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